Big poppa smokers Lancaster results

Big Poppa

We got a

3rd in pork
8th in chicken
9th in brisket
21st in ribs
8th overall

The rib score surprised me as did the brisket and pork. I thought our two strongest chances were in ribs and chix. In ribs we got all 9'sfrom one judge a 9 8 9 from another and then 7' and 6's fro the other judges. It goes to show that whatever you think is usually wrong at turn in

We are learning each and every comp and can't wait for next week

I'd be interested to read jim's comments on the results


Pork I agree with. Thought the chicken would be higher good bite through skin and could taste chicken flavor. I ate the whole thing it was so good. The ribs score I can't figure. Well cooked as tender as you can get it without having it fall off the bone and the single bite was good.Some of the best spares I have had in awhile. The Brisket score I would accept without tasting others.

Big Poppa

NO I didnt get the color I wanted.....But also I was asleep when they foinled....Note to self...nop sleeping. Do have a new sauce.....
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