BPS Gets Rgc in Laughlin and their third 180 of the season

Big Poppa

we are on a stretch of Rgc, Gc, Gc and now RGC.... I knew we were in trouble I LOVED all four turnins! The judges hated our ribs but that is fine we are very happy with the RGc and most importantly we got a 180 in chicken...our third 180 of the year.

Matt Dalton

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Congrats on the awesome run!..3 180's,2 700+,2 GC's and 2rgc's..really couldn't get much better buddy..congrats to James as well!


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Wow that's awesome. Every time if get in here you guys have kicked some rear somewhere. Way to go. Honored to be on here with folks of your caliber.

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What a fantastic season you've had so far! And the combo of BPS and SM rubs has been battle proven! Congrats to you and James!

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