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BPS has a big pork day in Oklahoma

Big Poppa

We headed to Ponca City Oklahoma and had a fabulous cook. Issues with the chicken and rib tables hahaha but pork and brisket were fine Seriously all four meats were our very best we cook

THe battle within the battle is that Buffalos bbq is fro Oklahoma and was number one in pork BPS was second. We went head to head and we were fortunate enough to get first pork and with a 180.

So BPS is in first place in the country in pork!

Meat Man

New member
Congrats Sterling, you guys just nail that pork everytime out. Number one, how cool is that and with so few cooks compared to many of the top teams.


Congratulations on 180 and 1st in the Country. I do not understand the chicken and ribs as the same chicken and ribs place at other contests.

Big Poppa

its tables and its bbq... My goal was to see how long I could go and stay in the top ten I made it all twenty contests...now the royal so that streak will end.


How many 180's and 700's this year so far?

The best pork cook in the country!!!! That's sayin something with the caliber of competition you face. Congrats Sterling!
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