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A little brisket practice. Just testing out the recipe for now so it wasn't a full competition practice. I was going to build a box but the grocery store was out of parsley so I decided that meant I couldn't go all out. A top secret blend of spices and rubs were harmed in the making of this brisket.

Here is is after an hour or so on the MAK at 275*


Another hour or so, fat side up..


Stayed that way for another couple hours then into foil. Pictures of a foil ball aren't exciting so here's some of the finished product. Since I wasn't building a turn in box I didn't trim the slices to size.



Wouldn't be dinner without some burnt ends



Got a ways to go to be comp worthy but it was a good learning experience and I'm sure the next one will be even better. I didn't hear any complaints at the table either so that's always a good sign.



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Was working all weekend on the new smoker so all i have is a little chicken.
The team.

Then i add some fontina cheese and prosiutto.
Rolled them up

Ready for the smoker.

Almost done.

Done and plated.
No Sear Tri Tip

Decided to cook a couple of tri tips this weekend using the BP method without the sear. Started with Annie's EVOO, BPS LLw/P, and BPS Double Secret:


On the MAK at 275°F:


Flipped at an IT of 110°F:


Pulled at IT of 143°F and let them rest:


Sliced up:


All plated up:


Another great MAK tri tip!


Citrus marinated pork tenderloin and roasted potatoes

Did a little marinated pork tenderloin and roasted taters tonight. I believe this is an old Weber recipe from my gasser days, but it has become a staple in the Carter house.

Start with a small tenderloin


Make the marinade using fresh squeezed orange juice, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, garlic, and EVOO


Marniate for an hour or 2 (I cheated with the marinade express and went 30 minutes)


While the pork is marinating, whip up a little pico de gallo with tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt and Serrano pepper



After the pico is ready make up the pork rub using granulated garlic, chili powder, oregano, salt, cumin, and pepper



Hit the pork with the rub and let rest for about 30 minutes


Now onto the taters

Cube up some potatoes, toss them with EVOO, cayenne, garlic, sea salt, pepper, and cumin

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Citrus marinated pork tenderloin and roasted potatoes part 2

Potatoes onto the MAK


Pork ready to join the party over the flame zone (running the original here)


Hit it 5 minutes a side over direct heat and then move over to the indirect side


Rested and sliced


Hit the taters with some lime juice and they are ready to go


Serve the pork topped with Pico de Gallo, potatoes and the wife's bean and corn salad along with a nice cold Pacifico





Little Dessert

Needed a little dessert tonight so we went with the number one requested recipe at the Carter house, Big Poppas smoked strawberry shortcake-

Slice up fresh strawberries, add a little brown sugar and some peach juice


Slice some angel food cake up


Melt some butter and add a little vanilla



Brush the cake with the vanilla butter


Cake onto he MAK flame zone and strawberries on the other side

Get the cake nice and toasty



Served up with some whipped cream, perfection!

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Country Style Ribs, ABT's with Shrimp, and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Been a busy weekend with more sausage making happening. This is what was on the menu for Saturday.

Round 1 - Stuffed Mushrooms with the fixings. I found another way to sneak in that yummy horseradish cheese. I shredded it and mixed it with some diced up chicken (previously smoked with a jalapeno butter seasoning), minced garlic, and some Bovine Bold seasoning.... the Chelada was for ME :D
Removed the stem and cleaned out the inside to make room for the stuffing mix.

Round 2 - the fixings for the ABT's - OH MY GOD!! Why haven't I added shrimp to these before!!! Also used some of the bacon we had made up about a month ago. I used our pepper bacon for this smoke. One down fall of using this bacon for wrapping - too much meat on the bacon and not a lot of give. I will take that downfall any day!!

Here is a close up of the shrimp in there. I pushed them down into the jalapeno and tried to lay them flat.

Round 3 - Country Style Ribs 3 different ways. Whiskey glaze with the wee willy whiskey rub, honey & pineapple mustard with Yardbirs, and regular mustard with the Jerk seasoning.

Onto the Yoder at 150° for some smoke....

Added the mushrooms later...

Some close ups of the ABT's and Mushrooms off the Yoder. Added some shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese to the mushrooms that we smoked a couple months ago.

Finally..... the plated pic!!! Country style ribs, stuffed mushrooms, and ABT's - I believe the mushrooms and jalapenos count as the veggies, right???

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Buffalo Patty Melts off the Yoder!

So on Friday evening I decided to try Buffalo patty melts and here are the results...

Have the sweet vidalia onions saute'ing...


Burgers with Tatonka Dust waiting to hit the Yoder...

OK... marble rye bread rocks!

Here is the marble rye with butter and Mad Hunky rub.

Burgers on the Yoder with the Tatonka Dust...


Everything coming together and final toasting of the buffalo patty melt!

Patty Melt 'n Fry's


Oh yah!

Thanks for looking!


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Smokey Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Started with 1.5 lbs each of Chicken Breast and Bonless/Skinless Chicken Thighs ground up fresh..


Added a little salt and pepper and let set in the fridge for a bit...


Then added the goodies..



Formed into 4 patties minus the small plain one I pulled out for my son..


Onto the MAK running 275 for about 30min to firm them up...Into the warmer and turned the MAK to high with my grill grate on..


Topped with provolone, well 3 of them..


Onto the roll with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion and also added some more hot sauce and blu cheese dressing...



Came out great!! My cam was acting up and last pic didnt do justice...These will be made again...Thanks


Colossal BBQ Shrimp with Crab Cake Stuffing


Received my new cookbook this week so opened it up and the first thing I see is some yummy looking stuffed shrimp so I thought it would make a nice change of pace for me as I rarely put seafood through my MAK. So, without further adieu, this weeks entry is Colossal BBQ Shrimp with Crab Cake Stuffing and drizzled with Smokin Guns infused Hollandaise Sauce.
And for dessert, Mustards Grill Famous Lemon-Lime Tart with ridiculously tall brown sugar meringue

It was pretty step intensive so I didn't get a lot of process pictures or all the ingredients laid out as there were so many different components to this cook. I'll do my best to describe it.
It started with the two main stars of the show. Dungeness crab and U4 shrimp. Now for those who don't know what U4 shrimp means, it means there are 4 shrimp to a pound! Most shrimp you'll buy are U18 and up so these guys are huge!
Start with a brine of water, kosher salt, brown sugar, Bay leaf and black pepper corn for 25 mins.
Make the crab cake stuffing then make a ball and stuff the shrimp


Put them on the MAK at 300 until the shrimp are done. About 145IT in the shrimp meat per the instructions.

While the stuffed shrimp are cooking, get the Hollandaise sauce going. This is a straight up Hollandaise with a twist. It gets a tablespoon of Smokin Guns Hot rub mixed in! It was pretty darn good!

Drizzled with the Smokin Guns Hollandaise and plated with some grilled asparagus seasoned with Little Louie's w/pepper and some Quinoa Pilaf with Crimini mushrooms. The crab cake was as good as any we've had in a restaurant. Simply delicious. The shrimp got over salty from the brine. Too bad.

Continued below
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Now on to dessert!!


Working out of the Mustards Grill cookbook again, this week is their signature dessert, their Famous Lemon-Lime Tart with ridiculously tall brown sugar meringue

Start with the tart crust. We didn't use their crust, we made a graham cracker, pecan and oat crust that we use for our favorite Key Lime Pie. It's more of a cookie than a crust really. As with any good dessert, it starts with BUTTA!!


Form it into the tart pan

Onto the MAK to crisp up

Now fill with the filling of lemon and lime juice, eggs, lemon zest and heavy whipping cream. Fill the tart pan with the filling and back on the MAK to cook

Make the meringue, pile it up high and carmelize the sugars with a hand torch. It called for a broiler but I prefer hand tools that shoot flame!!


Plated! Mustards Grill Ridiculously Tall Lemon Lime Meringue Pie!! Killer!
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Big Poppa

nice work again kids! Scooter great cooking...I just dont brine...I know that makes me a communist with the ALton Brown set....but I dont seem to ever have problems with tenderness...


Yeah, I stay away from brining also but followed the recipe and it was only for 25 minutes I figured how bad could it get in 25 minutes? ...bad idea. Those shrimp were $25/lb! Brining with that expensive of an ingredient is a risky proposition.
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Dang people you guys cooked some outstanding food this week! Judging is HARD and never gets easier!! Well here we go..

3rd goes to ACW3!
Shrimp and pork meatballs, marinated chicken with an asain flair.
Art those meatballs I wanted to try! They do look delicious and I'll be making these myself! The marinated chicken and smoked green beans with rice looked awesome!

2nd goes to CarterQ
Citrus marinated pork and roasted potatoes
I like the chopped veggies and spices you had going into this. That pork loin had to be bursting with flavor and topped with the pico de gallo...Nice!
And dessert..smoked strawberry shortcake. Oh baby! Excellent ending to a great meal.

1st goes to Scooter
Colossal BBQ shrimp with crab cake stuffing and lemon lime tart
Your meal won me over! I wanted to try that stuffed shrimp! It looks great!
The hollandaise sauce with the Smokin Guns had to tasty! And plated with the grilled asparagus seasoned with Little Louie's w/pepper and Quinoa Pilaf with Crimini mushrooms..outstanding!
Scooter that lemon lime tart with the mountain high meringue..Buddy thats a thing of beauty! Picture perfect!

To all the other entries..very nice job! Everyone made something this week I wanted to try. Excellent job!

Thanks BP for hosting!! Because of this contest we all are becoming better cooks!
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