Canadian Thanksgiving Turducken


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So the whole family gathered at the cottage.. I brought the mobile Scally trailer. Traeger was on board.. Sweet! So we have a 20lb Turducken to cook..LETS DO IT!
Smoke for 2 hours..

What a cool way to spend the weekend..

Went for a stroll.. lake Erie is right at the end of the property..
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Can't wait to see how this turns out. I was browsing Sam's Club's (I'm sure that is wrong somehow but oh well) website last month and saw that they had turduckens you could purchase and smoking it was the first thing i thought of. Can't wait to see your's!!!


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Oh look.. WOW .. bald eagle spent the whole weekend in that tree..Pretty awesome to see one in nature..

Franken bird looks ready..

A little photobomb..

And dinner is served..happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian peeps!
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