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For the past 2 years, each summer my work has had a BBQ competition. This year we didn't have a BBQ but it was just announced that we are having a holiday dessert baking contest. I have never baked a cheesecake, nor have I ever prepared any sort of dessert dish in my pellet smoker. But hey, there is a first time for everything right?

So does anyone have a tried and true pellet smoker cheesecake recipe that they can share?

I have found a couple online and the one I am most interested in trying isn't specifically written for a smoker but maybe I can alter it. If you google "Salted Caramel Bacon Cheesecake" you will find the recipe. If you don't have your own recipe that you can or want to share, do you have any recommendations for converting the SCBC recipe to work in a pellet smoker vs a standard oven?

Thanks for any input.


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There are several good cheesecake posts on the forum, the search function is your friend (your office is probably not ready for the Habanero Cheesecake I posted a few years back :D It does show one technique for cooking them)

That said, about the only difference I can think of for cooking cheesecake on a pellet smoker: If you have done a lot of low and slow cooks you may need to clean your smoker and then run it at 400 or so to burn off the oils that may add bad flavor when you first run it at baking temps. Good luck and post pics!


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Thanks Rip. I did search this recipes thread but didn't come up with anything. I did just search across the entire forum though as you suggested and did find several posts. I will dig deeper. And although I have been BBQing for many years and I am sure most of my rigs would not be appropriate for doing cheesecake, I did just recently get a new Rec Tec and thus far have only cooked with it once so that is what I would use for this project.

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Best of all the preparation method is here
Have to make heat using oven to 350 degrees F.
Add graham crumbs, butter and 1/4 cup sugar and compress onto bottom of 9-inch spring form pan.
Mix cream cheese and balance sugar in huge bowl with mixer till it get blended. ...
Bake one hour to one hour and 10 min. or till it's center is foremost set. ...
And Top with pie filling before serving.
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