Chicken on Grill Grates


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Simple cook - it's tough to get too involved during the week when I don't get home until 7pm or later.

Seasoned chicken last night with salt, pepper, butter, and some yardbird. Cooked for dinner tonight at 350* until 185* internal (I like to make sure the bird is done).

Freshly blackened grill grates from 1-1/2lb bacon last night. Note the smaller grates (13.75") on the outer edges to allow good airflow for the convection, with the Memphis sized grates in the middle!



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Cut the "tail " next time. Also those thermometers are usually way off. Get a maverick or Oregon scientific wireless. 185 with a maverick will be dust. 170 is as cooked as you'll Ned it


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He loves it! My 30th will have a "wild kingdom" theme and we are smoking kangaroo, rattlesnake (Nick is bringing those), lion, and possibly venison. Of course that's in addition to a the racks of ribs, pulled pork (Nick's favorite), prime rib, not to mention burgers and dogs. Should be around 70 people if the weather holds. I'm glad my wife's aunt is in charge of cooking the normal food!
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