Chilly and Rainy, good time for Chili...


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A chilly and rainy day here in Northern Virginia, and the wife has been requesting me to make some chili. So, here goes...

Most of the players...


Figured I would try to smoke the ground beef for a while and see if the smoky flavor will still come out with all of the spices. Here is the beef getting ready to smoke for a bit with hickory in the Amazin' Tube...


Finished product with some very good cornbread that my wife put together...


Very good flavor, and just the right amount of heat. I created a hybrid chili recipe from a couple I found online. I was pleasantly surprised that the smokiness actually came through a little, and made a difference in the overall flavor.

Thanks for looking.


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Yes, the smoke flavor did come through. It was mild, but did add to the flavor profile. I will smoke a little longer next time. I Private Messaged you the recipe.


You know Ohio is considered the chili capital of the U.S. (with a nod to Cincinatti) and I have to say, that is some fine looking chili my friend!
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