Christmas Comes Early!


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My early Christmas present just arrived!

So Sparky, Jessie ever send you flowers with your order?....Uh huh, me neither! :)

What do do with this haul? My wife bought a roast yesterday.....I rubbed in the Balsamic w/coffee and then added BPS Double Secret (can't get Triple Secret yet!), a little BPS Little Louie's...taking a cue from Carter, on a bed of onions.

Set the MAK for 275 and throw the roast on to pick up some smoke while things get going...(BOOM!, just kidding)

I suppose some taters would be good. Added onions, the new Garlic EVOO, BPS Desert Gold, Soileau's, and a drizzle of melted butter.

And on to the MAK...up to temp now.

Stay tuned!


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Earlier I cut up some tomatoes and let them get happy with a light coating of the Balsamic w/coffee...when the roast hit 110 IT, I drizzled it with Garlic EVOO, more BPS DblSecret, and added the tomatoes to the onions. Shortly, I'll start ramping the temp up a bit to enhance the bark.

I'll post more after dinner!


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Here's the rest of the story (both daughters have to be at work by 5pm, so weekday dinners are early!)

Pulled the roast at IT145 (family preference), while it rested the temp was bumped to 350, after another 25 minutes the potatoes and onions were done.

Here's my plate.

Ok, this was not Waygu, heck it wasn't even prime! So it was not the tenderest cut ever...but the flavor was awesome! The bark was outstanding, two thumbs up for the new Balsamic and EVOO! No potato leftovers, they were great! All in all, a pretty good weekday feast! I can't wait to try out the pepper and basil EVOO's!


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Wow. Looks like a excellent cook buddy. Food looks real tasty. If rip likes the sauces then I'm going to get some.


Awesome, got to get some of that on the next order, thank goodness I'm running low on pellets and charcoal!
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