Chuck Eye Steaks and Mango Mango Shrimp


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Menu was some nice chuck eye steaks, shrimp, and some cheat frozen potatoes.

Chuck Eyes - before going on the grill they were seasoned with Tatonka Dust. Cold smoked the steaks for an hour using charcoal pellets in the AMNTS with the Yoder set to 150°.

Got the shrimp ready while the steaks were smoking. Cleaned them up and then added them to a ziplock with some Mango Mango Preserves (dang Shark Tank TV show had me hooked and I had to order). They set in the preserves for about 90 mins before they went on to the grill.

Used a cheat on the potatoes - added some minced garlic, butter, and some BPS Desert Gold seasoning to them.

Just before going on the grill I hit the shrimp with some Everglades Catus Heat seasoning. As the shrimp were cooking, I did a quick sear on the steaks to get them up to temp.

Hot of the grill!

Plated. Best shrimp to date - would highly recommend the Mango Mango!! Steaks came out a perfect medium rare and were incredibly tender and flavorful! Will be buying more Chuck Eyes in the future!!

Looks absolutely fantastic! I am going to have to try some chuck eyes and also some Mango Mango. I like shrimp and have not tried it that way. Thanks for sharing!
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