Coconut Lemongrass kebabs


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It's been nasty weather here in Oregon lately, so I've been a total weenie about getting outside and cooking on my MAK. Last night I finally decided it was high time to woman up and get out there cookin!

Plus, I've got a prototype of the newly redesigned 2017 Flame Zone, and I'm fairly certain they'd disown me here at MAK if I didn't get it dirty soon!! ;)

My marinade was:
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
juice from a can of pineapple
1/2 cup of lime juice
1 Tablespoon of pureed lemongrass
1 Tablespoon of pureed ginger
(I buy the little tubes of pre-pureed lemongrass and ginger at the grocery store-- makes life SO MUCH easier!)
I also added a splash of the liquid from a jar of candied jalapenos I made with Splenda awhile ago to add some sweetness and heat


I painted them with a little more of the marinade just after I put them on the MAK.


Think it did a pretty darn good job getting a bit of a char on my skrimps!


Man these hit the spot! James and I agreed we need to do these more often. Other than the sugars in the pineapple and juices, they're pretty low carb, easy to make, and super tasty! Next time I might skip the skewers and just put them out on some grill mats or something just to experiment.

I also saved some of the marinade before I put it on the shrimp, and reduced that down by about half and drizzled it over the top on my plate. I mixed in a bit more lemongrass and ginger into my part, but James liked his without extra.



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Yes I did. Next time I'll put all the ingredients into the marinade in a bag, instead of dumping the marinade over the already-made skewers.
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