Columbus Day Ribs


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Tomorrow is a holiday in our office, but I'm working - as is our product support staff.
I think I'll take them a snack..


This is the rub I'm using.


I tossed the (still frozen) ribs on at 180° to thaw them a bit. Just garlic mist and rub on the backside.


I'll flip and slather with CT and more rub in about 30 minutes or so.

(flash forward)

CT slathered and rubbed. 225° P4 and we'll just walk away.. I'll start spritzing them around 3PM.


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I like how these are coloring up! nice and rich...Bet you cant hold on to them for the staff tomorrow.....


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How much does the ct act as a glue vs the final flavor?

A little of both... CT has a great tangy flavor, and with the wheat flour in it - it cooks down and makes a nice crust of sorts.

I use it on almost everything. Works great in meatloaf as well for a binder.
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