Contest Contest Contest 3-23....Keep the ball rolling and get free stuff from BPS

Big Poppa

Ok the last several weeks have been showstoppers and there doesnt appear to be a let up....

First Place $25.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15.00 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10.00 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everybody who enters gets $5 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers....the only BBQ store that loves you....hehehehehe

Bring it on!
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Ok people let's get outside the box and see some really great cooks. Everybody in the pool and BP's pockets this week. Can't wait to see and judge the food. But most of all have fun!

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Shrimp Po' Boy

Had a little hankerin for a shrimp Po Boy tonight and I wanted to try it on the grill (I believe this is a food network recipe)-

Started with a few shrimp on skewers


Made up a marinade with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Crystal hot sauce, and salt and pepper. Mixed it up and pored over the shrimp for about 30 minutes


While the shrimp is resting made the spread with Mayo, sweet relish, shallots, and capers


Shrimp onto the flame zone (Did some skinless chicken tenders for the wife using the same marinade as she is watching her cholesterol)


While the shrimp is cooking melt some butter with lemon, Worcestershire, and hot sauce


Shrimp off the grill


Toss it in the butter


Hit a fresh french roll with the spread


Served it up with some baked homemade fries



Man did this hit the spot, great Po Boy off the grill!


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Reverse-seared Tri-tip and chorizo-cheddar jalapeno poppers

Went to whole foods today, they had tri-tip on sale, so I picked one up

I hit it with some BP double secret steak rub

Some jalapeno peppers, stuffed with chorizo and cheddar cheese, wrapped in bacon

Everyone on the MAK 2 star #106 with BD Mesquite pellets, on SMOKE until the IT is 100F

Moved to the warming area, then set the MAK to HIGH and installed grill grates
Back on the fire

Thick end IT was 120F, pulled it to rest.



Plated with the poppers, and sauteed onions and mushrooms
A blue moon and some Starnes rounds out the meal


The tri-tip was fantastic. The heat level of the peppers ranged from "is there a pepper in there?" to "yeah!"
some of the cheese melted out of them and ended up on the tri-tip, it was an added bonus.


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I had a bag of apples kicking around I had to get rid of. Fortunately I also had some pork. Step one is to brine the pork and make a rub. I really like fennel and sage with both pork and apples so i got lots of those in.

I stuffed my roast with turkey sausage, apple and onion and wrapped it in cling wrap for a couple of hours.

Made some modified yellow glue and gave the roast a coat

Rubbed it down and threw it on the Traeger with some potatoes and onion.

While the pork and spuds were cooking I started making apple bombs. 2 apple pie type and 2 chocolate and peanut butter

I put the bombs on and puled the pork and taters. Let it rest for a bit and plated it up with some apple fennel salad and quick pickles I made a earlier today.

Then came the bombs.

plated with some ice cream

It was a pretty good feed. Thanks for looking guys I need to go lie down.


Spatchcock Chicken with MAK Fried Red Potatoes, Jacked Up Veggies and MAK Kissed Banana Nut Bread

We had a lot of ppl and family over today, and since this was the last Sat. of Spring Break a Big MAK Cook was required. First was the Banana Nut Bread. This recipe is old school from the early days of my marriage, so I decided to try it on the Mak. Here's the players w/recipe:


On the Mak @375 for a little over an hour using BBQ Delight Apple Flavor from BP.

A little over an hour took it off:

Now onto the Chicken Spatchcock Style!!! Here's the players:

After removing the Keel Bone, Chicken got a healthy dose of Lube and Spice. Threw it on the MAK @ 225. Meanwhile I cut up some Red,Green, and Yellow Peppers along w/ Zucchini and Onions. Take a look:


Smoked for 1.5 hours until IT of 145 then Hit it with Finishing Sauce. Today I used Blues Hog and Big Moe's(Newest addition from BP!) Sorry no pic...i had too many and removed this one.

Pulled at when IT of breast was 183. A little higher than I wanted but it took a while to carmelize

Now for the potatoes: Red w/ some Garlic Pepper and Li'l Louies w/Pepper. Put it on the Mak with the veggies. (I also kicked temp up to 450)

Removed Veggies and Potatoes and Plated up, just in time for 2nd Half of Ohio St and Syracuse....Here's a pic all plated up:


Now: I took everyone's advice earlier this week and Kicked temp up to 450 to see if I could get "Crispy Bite thru" chicken's a pic:

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave advice to me. BP has the best site on the net. =)

Here's a final pic of the banana nut bread. A very Happy Ending indeed!

Great day for the family...everyone in my house took i said last week its an event now...had a blast and I hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks for lookin.


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'No Swine Left Behind'

Well, this weekend there was!

Time for the cattle call..

I haven't done a brisket in ages, and I got hit up by 2 guys at work to smoke a couple for them. (from recently butchered cows) So I emailed my buddy who is storing 3 big Texas CAB monsters that a friend brought up from Houston.

Dan, I need to make a withdrawal from the vault.

And here we go.. MAK is cruising along at 225°.

Top left is Garlic Salt Lick, the other 2 are Zach's Brisket Rub.


Cruddy picture. I need to switch to my automagic lens when shooting at night.

12 hours later.


IT of the top ones is around 150°.

Wrapped tight in foil for a few more hours. This one (rubbed with GSL) was supposed to be headed to a NCAA beer/basketball bash that afternoon.


I'll go probe them around Noon and see how they feel.


Meanwhile, in Traegerland..

8 pounds of split chicken breasts (including 3 stuffed), dusted with a little Oakridge BBQ rub.


Couple hours later when they hit 160°+ they go into the crockpot with a few glugs of water. We make pulled chicken out of these, so the condition of the skin is irrelevant.


Back to the MAK..

Pulled the 2 smaller briskets out and FTCd for a while, and then into the fridge. My friend from work couldn't make it down to pick it up, so I'll take it in on Monday.

Next up.. The CAB monster.


IT is around 175°.

Into a full steam table pan w/ a bottle of Dublin Love.


Foiled tight, and into a 200° MAK to cruise through the afternoon. Ended up moving it to the Traeger as it was full of pellets and the MAK was running dry.


We get back from church, and it is time to slice it up. Only decent pic of the entire process, as there were some rain showers moving through.


Not bad! I let it braise a little too long, but that is Ok, we we like it chopped for BBQ beef sammies.

I (messily) separated the point and stuck it and the cutting board scraps in the freezer. The cafeteria lady will make smoked beef & noodles with it.

Sorry buddy, maybe next weekend...




Had to add a plated shot of that brisket.

Cutting board scraps on some Potato rolls. A dollup of Montgomery Inn sauce and Six Wickles Pickles.


It didn't suck!
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1st cook on Hazel.

let the love affair begin. and it starts right here.


got some of this, happy ending and pork chops. nothing else. pure.


and this. just olive oil and DG.


and the players take the field.


keeping it real w/ pellets.


Hazels 1st smoke. ohhhh, it makes a papa proud.


look at my little smoke ring. nice....


gangs all done. i did overcook the aspr and hot peppers (i still ate them).


good eats going on here.


those little peppers were very hot. not what i'm use to. still buring.

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Stuffed chicken breasts and whole wheat pasta

This is a first for me. Stuffed chicken breasts and whole wheat pasta with roasted veggies.

The ingredients.


First off I made the stuffing mixture out of ricotta cheese, salt free italian seasoning and artichoke hearts.


Next up I butterflied the chicken breasts and spread the filling on them. Folded them over and there ready for the grill.



While the chicken is sucking up the oak smoke I got the veggies ready to go on.

Some cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, onion, chopped garlic and green pepper with a drizzle of EVOO.


Onto the grill to get happy..


Fast forward..
The pasta is cooked and the veggies are done.
I mixed the veggie mixture with the pasta keeping the tomatoes out because I didnt want to bust them up. I'll mix those in last.



Gotta have the garlic bread right!?


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OK lets plate it up..It's time to eat!



Topped with some fresh grated parmasean cheese and we're done!
Why have I waited so long to try this?? This was excellent!
I'm usually a marinara type of guy but this was outstanding! These are the type of surprises I like! The veggies and pasta tasted fresh and light. The chicken was done perfectly and check out the crust on the ricotta..perfect!
Sorry there's no dessert once again from me..still watching the waist line. I have one planned for next week though that won't dissapoint!

Thanks for looking!


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Ranch Chicken with Bacon and Taters
Marinated some skinless thighs with Ranch dressing for a couple hours..

Cut up some baby tatters and hit them with garlic evoo and LLGSWP

Half cooked some bacon and onion...

All ready for the smoke party...

Chicken and tater mix on for a smoke bath..


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Hour later put the chicken on top of the taters and hit them with a little more ranch.

Need a side so I made some white and green asparagus with butter and Desert Gold...

When it was 20 mins out I covered with mixed cheese and fresh cut green onion...

Plated up..
Fantastic meal.. incredible flavors.. thanks for looking!!


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Very nice everyone i have been busy for the past two weekends with the smoker build and the grandsons b day party. I will be back.
And Sparky i got to get me one of those cookers that thing has me thinking.


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Ribeyes, shrimp and veggies

We have been playing around with a new steak seasoning and were comparing the 2 batches that I had made up. It looks like it is on too thick but it is GREAT off the grill. Not too salty and really compliments the meat.

Here are the ribeyes getting ready to go on the Yoder for a 1 hour smoke at 150°.

Steaks getting a nice sear while the veggies are cooking.

Close up of the grill marks. I just love the magic of the Yoder and grill grates together!!

Pulled the ribeyes into the house to rest and added the shrimp.

All done and plated up! Ribeye topped with mushrooms and onions - YUM!!!

Done perfect!!

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Wet aged ribeye, baked potato with asparagus

First sorry for the bad pics. I will figure it out someday. First post with PhotoBucket!

The players

The potatoes were rubed with garlic evo and sea salt. On the smoker 350 for one hour.
The steaks were hit with garlic evo and Double Secret. After fifty minutes I reduced the heat to 225 and added the first steak (cook to medium) After seven minutes added the second steak. (cook to medium rare). Asparagus was hit with the garlic evo, and Desert Gold.


I preheated the gasser along with the grill grates to finish the steaks and the asparagus.


All plated up


Thanks for looking. JRR


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Ribs and a Chucky on the Yoder #11855

Here is the team members for the ribs. Did all 3 racks with the Balsamic Whiskey Glaze, 2 racks then got the Wee Willy's Whiskey Pepper (I love this combo) and the third rack I tried a cherry rib a friend of mine had made and sent me (this was very good on ribs).



Here is a pic with the ribs and the chucky an hour in to the smoke. The chucky was just a test project for a rub my wife is working on that she calls "Tatonka Dust".


Here are the ribs getting foiled with a little schmear added to them.


Here is the ribs after they had been removed from the foil and giving a little more rack time to firm up.


Here is the chucky all pulled and ready for a future cook.

Thanks for looking!


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Results for the 3/23 Contest. Let’s get right to it.

3rd Place Spatchcock Chicken with MAK Fried Red Potatoes, Jacked Up Veggies and MAK Kissed Banana Nut Bread by BBQDad

All dishes cooked to perfection. Nice presentation and recipe was easy to follow. Banana bread was a nice touch. Nice cook.

2nd Place Shrimp Po' Boy by CaterQ

Simple dish but cooked to perfection and the presentation was perfect. Man did I want one of those. Very well done.

1st Place Reverse-seared Tri-tip and chorizo-cheddar jalapeno poppers by FLBentRider

This dish was all about the meat, and man did you ever knock that tri-tip out of the park. That was the best cooked piece of tri-tip I’ve ever seen. Simply killer!

Congrat’s to all the winners. Thanks to all that entered and special thanks to BP for funding this fine forum and especially the weekly contests. Keep smoking my friends!


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congrats to the winners. way to go bent. thanks rickb for judging. BP, as always thanks for letting us play. :cool:
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