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Big Poppa

Ok kids I'm feeling good about this weekend! Bring it on!

First $25 store credit to big poppa smokers
Second $15 store credit to big poppa smokers
Third $10 store credit to big poppa smokers

$5 store credit to all other entrants


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Dry Aged Rib-Eyes and Potato Grenades

Started with gold potatoes and jalapenos...



Now core a hole into the potato...


Open a jalapeno up and remove the insides...


Now add some cheese...


Then shove the pepper into the tater...



Repeat three more times. Then spray the outside of the taters with cooking spray and lightly coat with Big Poppa's Little Louie Garlic Seasoned Salt...


Need to seal up where the cheese is. Some bacon will work...




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Now into the infuser on my gas burner with maple pellets for 1 hour on medium high. I rotated after 30 minutes...


The taters are a little underdone and that is ok. Off they come..


Now for some dry aged rib-eye steaks coated with Big Poppa Double Secret Steak Seasoning...


Fired up the Memphis with the flame zone insert and dropped them on...


3 minutes, rotate, 3 minutes, flip, 3 minutes, done...



Now back to the potatoes while the steaks rest. Potatoes were sectioned, sprayed with more cooking spray, more Little Louie's, some Parmesan cheese on top, and then into the broiler for 8 minutes to finish...


Out of the broiler...




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Plated with a infuser smoked jalapeno..





And cut ;)


WOW! That steak was awesome! Dry age steaks and BP Double Secret are a match made in heaven!


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Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich with Homemade Potato Chips part 1

Let’s start with a 5lb top round.


Add spices.


Wrap and into the frig for 3 days.


Onto the Tiger Sauce as they call it up there.


Combine and let the flavors meld for a couple of days.


Game day time to cook. Fire up the Mak and the fryer



Break out some tools



Make some chips on the mandolin and let soak for a few minutes



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Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich with Homemade Potato Chips part 2

Lets get cooking. Meat on and chips on. When the chips are done sprinkle with Happy Endings


Slice some onions real thin


Meats done. Pulled at 120.Let rest for a few and slice thin.


Toast some buns and lets plate.


Damn they really know how to make a sandwich up in Baltimore. Very Tasty!



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Oh the Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity, that is.

The company I work for is sponsoring a Habitat build w/ $$$$ and volunteers. I'm not a hammer swinger, but I said I'd kick in a pile of pulled pork for one of the build days. Today, around 12 hungry volunteers re laying the flooring. So here is some lunch for them. (others are bringing the sides, buns, drinks, etc. etc.)

I only needed 2 or 3 butts, but it was cheaper to buy a couple cryopacks from Sammy's Club.

7:30 last night. Slathered with CYM and rubbed with Salt Lick Clone.


Ran at 180* for a while, then bumped to 225* for the overnight ride.

7:15 this morning. Cold and wet... So we'll channel Tacoma for a bit.


Looking good... Everybody is sitting right around 200* IT.


Into some pans to rest in my Samsbro, and microwave. I'll pull/chop them in a bit.


Gotta roll up to the house around 11AM to get set up. I'll get some (hopefully clearer) pictures of the feeding frenzy if I can.


Loaded up and flying the colors!


Have Starnes - Will Travel.


Driveway Buffet.


Shameless self promotion.


Ring the dinner bell!


Small crew, but big appetites. This was all that was left from 2 butts.


We boxed up a good part of the leftovers for the new homeowner-to-be, and cleared out so they could get back to work.

All in all, a good day.


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First baby backs

OK - this isn't on a pellet smoker, but I did use pellets both in the tube smoker and sprinkled on the coals.
Not the prettiest pics - but it's my first entry. Its tricky to remember to take pics when you're working on food prep. In fact I forgot to take a final pic of the poppers..
Also, I learned iPhoto will not let you resize photos.
Also learning how to post photos to forum (96-97KB is max size?)
View attachment 1712
Wood Fired Brick "pizza" oven is heated to 250 F
View attachment 1713
2 racks loin back ribs seasoned with liberal application of rub (not from BPS)
View attachment 1715
BPS supplied pellets, Amazin' Tube Smoker ready for action! used a 50:50 hickory/cherry blend - logs in oven are red oak and were smouldering/flaming at various points
View attachment 1714
The goods are in the oven.
View attachment 1716
We have smoke!



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View attachment 1717
Now for an appetizer!
View attachment 1718
Next time, I won't be stingy on the bacon! Seasoned with some addition non-BPS rub.
Forgot to snap a photo of the finished product...

View attachment 1719
Back to the ribs. 3 hours in the oven. Temp had crept up to nearly 300, from the smouldering oak logs from the night before dinner. little darker than I was shooting for.
View attachment 1720
Had to carve the full size slabs (plus in-laws brought some additional lion backs when they heard I was smoking) in order to fit them all akwardly into the oven. Here they are removed from the rack after 3 hours, ready for some foiling...
View attachment 1721
Here is the combo of stuff I added to the foil. I've never done it before, and was, well interesting. I wasn't sure how tightly to wrap foil, and risk poking a hole in the foil. I wasn't sure on the proportion of ingredients to use - next time, I'll use more. Used a combo of Dark Brown sugar, Squeeze Parkay, tiger hot sauce, clover honey and splash of apple juice in all but 1 set of half slabs. Last set, I used Hot raspberry pepper jelly, turbinado sugar, bacon drippings, and splash of beer. These went back into oven after foiling for 2 hours.



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View attachment 1723
After 2 more hours in the foil, I unfoiled, returned to oven for 40 minutes, painted with BBQ sauce, then back in oven for 10 minutes. Here is what they looked like when they were done. I used some leftover sauce I had in kitchen. Some Jim & Nicks BBQ sauce went on the in-laws slabs, some KC style Bullseye went on the other 3, and Sticky Fingers Memphis style went on the last 3. They went back into oven for 15 minutes, then rested under foil for about 20 minutes before carving.

View attachment 1722
Here they are after carving. I should've setup the ribs better so you could see the meat.

Tasted great, not too sweet, not too smoky, with great pork flavor. very tender. Some almost falling off the bone. definitely not competition ribs, but great for backyard bbq.

I learned that next time, baby backs probably don't need as long to cook and to watch the oven more closely if there is still unburned logs. Probably should've pulled and foiled sooner. Also, learned I have a lot to learn about taking pictures for these contests!!

Big Poppa

Hey Kids...remember that if you have posted the same food about 50 times and I paid you 50 that we dont pay for the same food again....gentile reminder....thanks


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Started with two tenderloins that I brined over night.

Put a concoction of molasses, mustard, honey, and watsa sauce on the pork.

Potatoes got garlic oil, granulated garlic, basil, oregano, and salt.

Cornbread is a mix from Costco, and it is excellent.

Started everybody at various times at 350 degrees, but they all finished together.

Verdict from me and my nine year old daughter. Outstanding. The pork was beyond moist and flavorful. I have no idea why cornbread tastes so much better cooked in cast iron.....but WOW. And potatoes never miss.





Thanks for looking!


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Anniversary Tri-tip Dinner (8 years and better than ever!!)

a lot of people take the availability of tritip in their area for granted.. I had to get this special in CT to make this for my wife.
Seasoned it with The Chili Balsamic glaze, BP DSS rub and a little extra chipolte flakes:

On smoke until it hit 125. We are excited about this (she did not know I found one and what I was cooking :)


Turned it up to high (put meat in the smoker box while it was coming up to temp.

Cut Romaine in half, seasoned with garlic EVOO and desert gold. Made Garlic cheese bread using Boursin cheese with Gilroy Garlic Dude Dust and 5 alarm shredded cheese.
Made Quinoa pilaf style.. need to use the stove for something :)

Pulled the Tri tip at 135 and let rest while I built the rest of the meal together.


My wife's plate:

This came out excellent. Anyone that has not made tri tip should find it and cook it.. it is worth it.


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Smoked Salmon chowder w/ apple crisp on the UDS.

It surely is fall here. Blowing wind and rain, new snow down to 3000'. Time for some comfort food. Smoked salmon chowder will fill the bill, and there's nothing that says fall like apple crisp.
Most of the characters....

Diced potatos and onions getting some smoke love with apple pellets in the a-maze-n device. Enough smoke?

While the smoker is going, time to whip up a batch of apple crisp and get it in the drum smoker w/temp. holding steady @ 315F around the outside edge. I figured it was pretty close to 350F in the middle.

Potatos and onions out of the smoker, onions into the pot with celery, carrots and butter for a little sweating.

Potatos and chicken stock into the pot to cook all the veggies al dente.

With the veggies cooking, time to make the rue.

Alder smoked salmon that I'd smoker earlier this fall chunked up and ready. Every thing into the pot.

Time to take the crisp out of the UDS.

I sliced up a loaf of sourdough, lightly brushed with EVO, then onto the drum for a lite toast and served with the chowder.

And the dessert. I was really surprised that there wasn't a hint of charcoal aroma or flavor present in the apple crisp. Mmmm... I...can't...move...

Thanks for looking.
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You guys sure didn’t make it easy they were all good cooks.

Muebe potatoes and steak.
RickB sliced roast beef sandwich with homemade chips.
Squirtthecat pulled pork party
Tirckydick baby back ribs and jalapeno poppers
Papymn tenderloins, cornbread and potatoes.
Patrick CT tri tip, romaine salad and rice.
Salmonsmoker salmon chowder.

3rd Salmonsmoker I fall for a good chowder any day looked outstanding.
2nd Muebe The steak with the potato bombs made me want to lick the screen.
1st Going to have to go to RickB I love sliced beef sandwiches with homemade chips outstanding.

Thanks everyone great job. You to BP for the playground.
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