Contest! Everybody enter! 7-6-12


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So I have been experimenting with my Memphis Select pellet grill. I bought a flame zone insert for the elite model and made it work in my grill. So here we go ;)

The flame zone insert is being supported by the upper racks where the drip pan would normally be located. I covered each side of the flame zone with foil wrapped around the upper racks. Then the lower rack is installed. I covered the thermocouple to insulate it from the flames and fake the PID to think it is cooler than it actually is...


Meanwhile I melted some unsalted butter with some BP Desert Gold seasoning and smoked sugar. Then basted the corn with it and tightly wrapped with foil...




Then the corn went into the Big Easy for 40 minutes...


Fired up the Memphis with oak pellets with a setpoint of 305F. With that temp I can manipulate the amount of fire with the pellet prime button once the thermocouple got that hot. And it got up to 305F with the hood open and thermocouple insulated with foil. After heating up I drop the costco rib-eye steaks onto the grill. They were seasoned with awake-a-steak rub that has coffee in it...


After 6 minutes I flipped them...




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After another 6 minutes I pulled off the smaller one. Another 5 minutes and I pulled the big one. A thermapen check showed 135F IT on the large and 140F on the small one...



Steak was topped with balsamic vinegar and blu cheese mushrooms...


Ohh yeah! Crust on the outside and rare on the inside...


This steak was fantastic! No grease fires and the flame zone worked like a charm ;)


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Sorry I was a little busy yesterday but better late than never.

Ok let’s get to it.

Third Place. Sparky’s Party Ribs

As always your rib’s are impeccable, this time matched with a colorful Mac salad and green beans. Nice looking plate.

Second Place. Tatonka’s Buffalo Tbones.

Those tbone’s looked fantastic! Match them with some great looking shrimp and bean salad and you have a winner dinner. Nice job!

First Place. Deb’s Almost Birthday Dinner.

Wow what a plate. Filets cooked perfectly with a nice crust and yummy sauce with potato and green beans. And my o my let’s not forget that Berry Pie. I could eat that whole pie. Great job Deb

Very nice cooks this week congrats to the winners and everyone who entered. Thanks again to BP for all the fun.


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Kudos to Deb, Tanya and Sparky!!! Wonderful looking meals!! Now that would be a road trip to get to eat at Deb's, then Tanya's and finally Sparky's places!! Great job to everyone else who entered. Always tough to judge the entries.



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yo, rickyB. thanks for judging. congrats to deb and tanya. a fun week. thanks BP for letting up play here.
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