Contest Friday The Thirteenth! Whooopeeee!


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I went with simple comfort food this week. It was the first time I brined a chicken, and oh man, was it GREAT! So, here we go with the start up process. I made a simple brine with salt, brown sugar, pepper, and soy souce.


I heated a cup of water and disolved the salt and sugar. Then mixed in a gallon of cold water, pepper, and soy. Then chilled it before the dip. Okay, it's polar bear time, everyone in for a swim


After a good long swim I prepared the seasoning. I mixed pepper, thyme, rosemary, sage, and tarragon in some evoo (yeah, I know what it means now :). Then I pulled the skin loose on the bird and coated the meat. Then I cut a lemon and an orange into chunks and stuffed the cavity full


Bird went on the Memphis at 275 for 1 hour, then upped the temp to 350 for the rest of the ride. Cooked to an IT of 180 and pulled and rested for 15 minutes



This was the best tasting chicken I have ever roasted! The skin was so crispy, and the flavor was out of this world. The combination of the smoke, citrus, and spices was just over the top. And oh so juicy!!



Thanks for looking..


Salmon Burgers

Been wanting to try out salmon burgers on the grill for awhile now so tonight I got the chance (I believe this is a food network recipe)

Started with this


Mixed chopped Salmon, peppers, garlic and panko with egg, soy sauce and lemon juice



Formed the mix into patties and tossed them into the freezer for a bit to firm up


While the patties are in the freezer and the MAK is firing up, made a sesame soy mayo for the burgers


Patties on the sear grate over the flame zone


Flip after 5 minutes


Ready to go


Added lettuce and tomato and served up with some macaroni salad and were looking good


These came out really tasty, great salmon flavor and the sesame soy mayo really brought everything together. It was a pain flipping them though so the next time I do these I think they are a perfect candidate for the MAK griddle.
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wow, another awesome week and this never gets easier.......

I'll get right to it....

3rd place ......... Kite with his simple comfort food.... whole chicken, green beans an mashed potatoes with gravy. I'd like that plate with the leg please. What a beautiful chicken.......

2nd place ........ RickB's Steak Taco’s with Guacamole and Black Beans and Peach and Blueberry Galette - what a great meal and that galette was beautiful. I love peaches and blueberries together.

and the winner ........ Chili Head with his Apricot chili glazed and apple moonshine glazed pork loins, twice baked yams, and the CUPCAKES.......... what a meal ---- the main meal was incredible and then the creativity with the cupcakes put it over the top.

Great week everyone. Thanks for the playground BP!
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Thanks for judging Deb, and thanks BP for all the fun!! I am humbled by the greatness on this forum, but mostly by the good natured people here. What a great place to hang out!! And Chili.. holey buckets man, don't you have trouble breathing up there in the stratosphere? That was just an awesome cook sir. I sure hope you aren't offended when I steal some of your technique. You can rest assured that I will give credit where credit is due!


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Congrats to the winners!!! This was another tough week to judge. Thanks Deb. Thanks BP for having the contest each week.

While I don't enter all the time, I do get inspired by the different cooks in each contest. Some of the out-of-the-box thinking that goes into meal planning is evident in the entries. Getting ready to enter a contest requires a lot more research to come up with an idea that is worthy of entering.



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Congrats to the winners and to everyone who cooked this weekend. Can I please have a cupcake? Another spectacular weekend!

Chili Head

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Thank you Deb! Congrats to RickB and Kite! Awesome dishes guys!
Good job everyone! All the entries looked great!

Thanks for judging Deb!
Thanks BP for letting us play here!


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Thanks Deb and congrats to Kite for that very nice meal and of course to our winner Chili. One heck of a meal there buddy. Well deserved winner. Thanks for the fun BP and to everyone who entered keep up the good work. It was all good.

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