Contest! Get 25 entries


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While we didn’t make it to 25 this week a very respectable 22. I was very impressed by the creativity shown by the cooks. Great job by everyone, but as you know only three can win. So here we go. The Players.

Wing Commander Blackberry-soy-glaced Chicken

FLBentRider Ribs for the Bunco squad

PaulyT Ribs

Tatonka3A2 Venison Backstraps & Lobster Tails

Deb Pork Chops, Grilled Potato Salad and Roasted Peaches with ice cream

SoDakSmokerGolfer Pork loin pin wheels with sweet mustard pecan glaze

Sparky Ribs

Chili Head Chicken-Apricot skewers

DC1956 Simple Saturday Dinner

Wing Commander Steaks from roast beef

Wneill20 Mash Potato, Cheese, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Muebe Apple/Walnut Stuffed Center Pork Loin with Pomegranate/Blueberry Sauce

68Sting Chuck roast

Moomtaz Smoked salmon and swai (a vietnamese white fish) with peperoncini tapenade

Meat Man Ribeyes and Corn

Kite Stuffed Shrimp

Squitthecat Julia Childs' Classic Money/MAK Roasted Chicken

Scallywag Stuffed Porkloin

Ole Cajun n' Bacon Stuffed Peppers

MossyMo Buffalo Patty Melts with Potato Grillers

Patrick_CT First Turkey for on the MAK

Sparky Dinner w/ Ursula

Third Place goes to Moomtaz. The combination of flavors on this dish just popped. This took some time and thought. Nice job

Second Place goes to Muebe. Beautiful plate of food. Some fine cooking skills displayed in putting this together. The sauce I think put this over the top. Very nice job.

First Place goes to Tatonka32a. If I could only have one of these dishes for dinner I would have to go with yours. Simple but cooked to perfection. Presentation was so good even my wife wanted some and she is NOT a venison fan. Excellent Cook!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to BP for the playground. Once again I was VERY impressed with the overall quality of cooks. Great job everyone. Special shout outs to Chilli and Mossymo you just missed!


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Congrats Tanya and Moomtaz!

Everyone that entered made fantastic cooks ;)

Thanks for judging Rick!

We almost hit 25.... Maybe next week.


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Thanks!!! I am so excited!

Congrats to the winners and thanks BP for letting us play. There is so many dishes that I want to try from the weekend.

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Big Poppa

Boy is there going to be some bragging in the Tatonka palace this guys should compete and the winner doesnt do dishes


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Yet another fun filled contest. Congratulations to everyone for diving in and playing hard. And as usual, thanks BP!!


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Alright!! My first medal stand. Thanks Rick for judging and congrats in Muebe and Tonya. Thanks to Big Poppa for putting this on. This is so much fun I've been looking forward to it all week.
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