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And on the menu today we have ........................


Spatch- cock chicken and stuffed cabbage

chicken injected with plowboys yardbird,apple juice,orange juice rubbed with plowboys

stuffed cabbage

hollowed out and stuffed with polish sausage sliced up and some cream of potato soup and some diced red onions,and some of BP's DSSR

stay tuned should be delish


Finished product


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Mini Brisket and Dill Ranch Potato Wedges

When I say "Mini" I mean it. This was a whole brisket-Point & Flat-weighing in at a mere 4 lbs the butcher cut from a small cow. The perfect size for a family dinner.

Brown mustard for glue, some homemade beef rub then onto the pit with a water/drip pan underneath.

After a few hours, into a small foil pan with some braising liquid (beer, brown sugar, cider vinegar & red pepper flakes), covered tightly and back on the pit to braise alongside some Dill Ranch Potato Wedges.

I separated & put the Flat back on to finish off the bark. Meanwhile the point was cut into cubes, for some burnt ends, hit with more rub and put back on for 20 min.

Then, threw on a little sauce, tossed & let 'em caramelize for 10 minutes or so.

Finished, sliced & plated.

The burnt ends were like beef candy!


It was small in size but big on taste!

Thanks for sneaking a peek.
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It felt like a good weekend for chicken:
Marinaded the thighs in Balsamic Vinegar, maple syrup, Dijon mustard, fresh lime juice and coarse chopped fresh garlic.
Bagged up everything and into the fridge for about 7 hours.

I prepped the onion by cutting off the top and part of the bottom so it would sit flat and scooped out part of the center for a "very special filling".

I dusted the thighs with Lemon Pepper and Hasty Bake Rub n Spice and they were ready for the fire.

I seared the chicken and them moved it to indirect cooking with Hickory pellets.

Just before the chicken was done I added homemade cranberry sauce (thank you Deb, I love this recipe) to the onion.

The money shot. The chicken was moist and tasty with just the right hickory smoke flavor and the lemon pepper and rub picked up where the marinade left off. The onion was delicious and something I would definitely do again. I wasn't sure if the cran-apple sauce should be warm or cold but warm was defintely the way to go.

While the fire was still hot, I grilled a couple of peaches and then pealed them and put them in the fridge to chill. Then I simmered some Polaner's All Fruit Black Cherry with a shot of Meyers Dark rum and served it over fresh baked short cake biscuits. Even though this was not a chocolate desert and I'm not a huge fruit eater, I like it! It may have had something to do with the rum.........just sayin'.
Thanks for taking a peek.
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Wow, this came pretty close :cool: ! Last fall my cousin and I were in Norwalk, CT, we decided to go check out a place that had been on Diner's, Drive ins & Dives which serves Venezuelan food. Welcome to Valencia Luncheria! We both ordered Arepas. I ordered mine with Pernil (Venezuelan roast pork) . The first bite was great - it's hard not to like a warm corn cake filled with pulled pork (it needed smoke though ;) ). There were two sauces on the table - the green sauce produced a WOW moment . We sat there eating, happy and trying to figure out what was in the sauce - we came up with cilantro, garlic, avocado, vinegar, probably parsely, oil. After a little google search , we figured out the sauce was Guasacaca . Then we found this recipe on food network Guasacaca Sauce Recipe : George Duran : Food Network It sounded right but the picture looked too thick . We got together this winter for a sausage making day and we decided to try to recreate the arepas for lunch using pulled pork from the freezer. We made the sauce using extra olive oil - first try and we had it. The arepas themselves were disappointing , we found the special cornmeal that we needed - Masarepa and used the package directions - mix, wait 5 minutes, shape and cook on a griddle. They were too dry and not cooked enough. I was thinking about them the other day and decided to try again..............

Early,early this morning....

boneless pork butt - opened it up , made a bunch of holes with a knife and dumped some mojo marinade in. Tied it back up covered it with more marinade, a good sprinking of Soileaus and then some plowboys yardbird

into the pellet grill with a turkey meatloaf

just about done

the Guasacaca - onion, avocado, green pepper, cilantro, parsley,garlic red wine vinegar salt & pepper - good ride in the food processor then drizzle olive oil into the food processor


making the arepas
simple - masarepa, water and salt - mix, cover wait 5 minutes, knead - making sure there is enough water, shape,

onto a hot oiled griddle for a little color and then into the oven to bake

Pulled pork Arepa with Guasacaca plated with some black bean/corn salad
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First time full cook

Had a hankerin' for pork pibil, so decided to do the whole meal (except for the salad) on the grill.

Pork marinated overnight in an achiote citrus paste, with roasted poblano chiles and pan-seared onion and tomato:

In a roasting bag, with a bacon-wrapped sausage as a mid-afternoon snack for the cook:

After three and a half hours, it's time to add the arroz blanco (rice with onions and garlic):

The pork and rice is ready to come off, time to put on the dessert-- peach cobbler:

Ready to serve:

Peach cobbler with ice cream (for my first-born's 18th birthday):


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The leftovers coming off the MP tonight were even better than last night.


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Surf and Turf, again.

I haven't cooked all week and so I guess I was saving up for today. I set myself up with the following to cook throughout the day.

* 1 pound ground venison
* 2 homemade Italian venison sausage
* 1/2 fillet of Cobia (about 2 lbs)
* 1 venison inner loin
* 4 pounds venison jerky meat

Ok, seems to be a venison theme going here. So to get things started, I prepped the jerky meat in marinade / dry rub on Friday evening and let it sit in the fridge for about 36 hours. My favorite has been the High Mountain but I decided to try something different this time. Since I just bought the marinade accessory for my Foodsaver vacuum saver, it was time to put it to the test with the liquid based Teriyaki & Honey mix. With 4 pounds of meat, there was plenty to have 3 different flavors going.

Getting started ...


So, to get things going this morning ... there's nothing better than a marinated venison loin cooked in butter with garlic. I served it up with a couple of fried eggs and English muffins topped with black cherry jam. Oh yea, a couple of clovers of sauteed garlic too.


There's no better way to shake off the upper 50 degree weather (WTF, it was just 95 a few days ago ...) Now that breakfast is done, back to the jerky. Set it up double layered in the smoke box ...


Before I knew it, I had to get lunch going. I put that new marinade utility to work and had some Cobia (firm white meat fish) working in the marinade box.


Here it is finished into a sandwhich. I made fresh mayo with dill out of the garden, lemon juice, and crushed garlic. This was awesome! The fish was very moist and had good balance of the various flavors and fish...


So once lunch was done, I thought I could take advantage of the burning pellets (the jerky is still going) and got some corn, poblanos and tomatillos ready for dinner.


Huh? Could have sworn I took a pic of the poblanos ...

Meanwhile, I mixed up the ground venison with 1/2 lb ground pork with an assortment of seasonings to have a Mexican influence in the taste. With the great influence of others on the forum, I smoked the meatballs to be combined into dinner later ...


Threw on a couple of my homemade sausages for good measure (actually lunch this week). While the meatballs were getting happy, I mixed up some fresh habanero guacamole and prepped a bean dish.

I used about 1 cup of chicken stock with 1/2 can of kidney beans in the blender to make a good base. Mixed in the remaining beans plus a can of black beans, cut the corn off the cob and added it, the roasted tomatillos, and the roasted poblanos along with whole cumin, mexican oregano, 1 star anise, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Onto the MAK it goes.


Now, for the finale ...


Bell's ... A great brew if you can find it... They make this in Trooper's back yard. I topped the bean mix with Manchego cheese and fresh cilantro, a squeeze of the lime.


The bean dish was amazing! This will be made again. The veg's were nicely roasted and sweet (good because I tend to make things spicy), and the meatballs were very tasty but a little dry (only 1/3 pork to 2/3 venison). The fresh guac and the Bell's smoothed everything out. Now if I can just get someone to clean up my kitchen.


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LPGA Smokeout - Habitat for Humanity Build Cook

Had a few things going on this weekend... LPGA tournament at my buddy Hal's house, and a fellow Pellet Pusher KyNola drove up for the weekend.

Let's roll some smoke...




Pulled in the 130 range.


Excitement was building..





Next day - time for some breakfast...

Sausage patties.


Hashbrowns cooked in the sausage grease. (hit with some Soileau's and Slap Ya Momma)


Biscuits. (and some bacon I found in Hal's fridge)


.. and done.


Time to eat!




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LPGA Smokeout - Habitat for Humanity Build Cook 2

Hal rolls out the Stump to join the party..


This is how he cleans the racks on the Stump.


Time to fire it up... Used some Deadwood pellets for a little smoke flavor while it was warming up.




One of the little girls in MrsSTC's class (and her brother/mom) are getting a Habitat for Humanity house. They've been working hours and hours earning 'equity' for the place, and it will soon be finished. I said I would kick in a pile of pork for the build team. (they have a huge party when it is finished)

80 pounds of pork shoulders. Larry is finishing the trimming.


Slathered up with CYM and Dumpster Rub.


Loaded in the Stump.


More pellets added. Used about 8 pounds of Deadwood Biofuel pellets during the entire cook. (and quite a few chunks of hickory)

Time to let the smoke roll and have some dinner.



Late the next day... (and pounds of pellets, wood chunks and charcoal later)

Shoulders are done.. (the first 2 were done earlier and fell apart pulling them off of the racks)



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LPGA Smokeout - Habitat for Humanity Build Cook 3

And now, the moment of truth... We have what started as 80 pounds of pork shoulders to pull.


First off - this is the time for a quick shout out to NEPAS and his son Dustin.. THX again for all you do!







Time for some quality control... :D



And finally a quick shot of the pork in the freezer destined for the Habitat build team.


It was a fun weekend. I think I'll stick with baked lays and rice cakes for the rest of the week.. ;)

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I have a little different experience. Over the last week, my Best friend has been going throught a separarion. I didn't know how to make him feel better other than our great conversation other than offering some pulled pork left over from my first cook on my Traeger jr. We sat and smoked cigars, enjoyed some good scotch and the little bit of pork butt left from last weekend. We had an awesome night. He left with a good attitude and a full stomach. See, BBQ has many good things other than the obvious. What a GREAT friend. We go back 13 years. He turned me on to the Traeger. It's the least I could do.:cool: Tomorrow I try my next recipe on my Jr. (I'm off Sundays & Mondays.)
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Scalloped Potatoes & Beef Kielbasa

I started with some of the smoked sausage I made Friday:

I cut it into chunks & sliced up enough Klodike Rose & Golden Klondike potatoes to fill our big 15" cast iron skillet. Meanwhile the wife made a Sharp Cheddar & Monty Jack cheese sauce. We mixed the cheese sauce with the potatoes, added the sausage & topped with a little paprika.

Done and still bubbling. Mmmm, can you smell the smoky cheesy goodness?

This was incredibly delicious. The cheese sauce was nicley sharp and picked up a great bacony hickory-like smoke flavor from Oak/Black Walnut pellet mix. Im finding this combo to be a very good one.

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Alder Smoked Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Been craving some fish so grabbed a few portions of Costco Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon from the freezer to hot smoke. Pre-heated the MAK to 225º using American Broadleaf 60/40 Alder and lightly sprinkled a little seasoning to taste.


Even at 225º, the MAK does a great job at providing ample smoke.


An hour later the Sockeye Salmon easily flaked with a fork. When I was in Alaska last summer, I tried to no avail to get me a bunch of Reds (Sockeye) on the Kenai River :( It's hard to beat a Sockeye Salmon. It's all good :D


The money $shot ... A portion of Salmon, lightly smoked with Alder, with a side of corn and a little salad ... Bon Appétit



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Brisket Sammies

Ever since attending the Big Blue BBQ competition with the SOW team I've been craving brisket.

I picked up a couple of 4 pound flats and injected them with a beef broth and seasoning mix and then added BP Dbl Secret rub. Let them sit overnight in the fridge and then on to #386 bright and early the next morning.

A couple of hours on smoke and then up to 225. After several hours, brisket #1 was ready to foil.

Brisket #2 was right behind.

Meanwhile we made some Ciabatta bread for sammies and I whipped up some avacado aioli. Things were looking great and then I got paged and had to work for a little while...when I came back outside both briskets had overshot the sweet zone were starting to dry out! Sigh....It wasn't as dry as it looks here, but a slice draped over the finger did not hang straight down, more of a v than a u.

After slicing I poured the juice from foiling on top of the slices and that helped a bunch.

Here's the plated shots. I also grilled some pineapple and Nancy made us strawberry/lemonade smoothies.

Nancy put some of the pineapple on her sammie and after trying a bite, I thin sliced some pineapple for mine too.

So, considering the last brisket I ate was judged #2 at the Big Blue BBQ comp, I have to compare it with that....

Flavor, Andy - 10, Rip - 8 (I did learn some things in KS)
Tenderness, Andy - 10, Rip - 6

BTW, the sammies were very tasty!


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Wow! I'm very glad not be judging this one. Amazing food here. I'm still curled up in the fetal position from the Memorial Weekend cooks.

Although we chicks are outnumbered here, Deb and Susan are representin'.


Wee Willy's Chicken

By now most have figure if I post it is a Easy recipe. Took leg and thigh pieces and into the Marinade express with Havana Mojo marinade.20 minutes and a light rinse the on the MAK. Set the pellet boss to smoke for 20 minutes then go to 425 for 45 minutes and then to 325 until done.the last 10 minutes I took the skin off and basted with Wee Willy's White sauce.
The shame is the skin is so crispy using this method it is almost criminal to remove it. Although the end product is a hit.
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