Contest! Jan 20! Lets see some polar bear cooking

Big Poppa

OK Im in Ananheim at the NAMM show the musical products biggest convention show working. Tomorrow night will be our Ernie Ball 50th Anniversary Party...

As usual

$25 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers First place
$15 store credit to Big Poppa SMokers Second Place
$10 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers Third Place

$5 for everybody else who enters (store credit)


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Congratulations on the 50th year Sterling!! That's quite an accomplishment. I know first hand that your products are top notch...nothing better out there! Have fun at the NAMM and the party. :)


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saturday afternoon ribs

found some really nice spares at costco (they're bb ribs looked icky). since these were for me i made them my way.

used my cherry balsamic glaze (love this stuff) and my mary's cherry rub on one. the other one was java lava and some frenchs.


ohhhhh, those look loverly.


looks good manard.


some flippy, flippy.


threw down some of my favorite sauces on the ribs.



well, all done. my son was working on his friends car out front of the house in the rain. i cut them up and took them out front. both racks lasted only 5 minutes.


thank you.


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Pulled Buffalo

no polar bears today but we did have snow and I did have the help of Saffron, the yellow pellet eating dog


started with a buffalo chuck roast, suspended on a rack with some red wine, onion, carrots, garlic & a shallot in the bottom of the foil pan. the roast was rubbed with Big Poppa's double secret and some thyme


into the MAK at 250 (some baked beans on the top rack to bring to the office Monday)


out of the MAK waiting for some foil


into the foil with the onions, carrots, garlic from the bottom of the pan and some beef broth (I saved the liquid from the foil pan and added to the beef later)


At 197 I pulled it out of the foil and it wasn't ready to be pulled and felt like it was a ways away so I threw it in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes

all pulled


thickened the juices slightly and served on some egg noodles with carrots



If you are trying to eat healthy check out the nutrition facts on buffalo, it's wild how different it is from beef
Spatchcock Chicken +

Have a couple of butts to put on the Mak later tonight for the big game tomorrow. Decided to try some chicken today. Spatchcocked a chicken, rubbed with Annie's Garlic EVOO, BP Little Louie's w/P, and BP Desert Gold. Decided to throw on a few legs done two different ways...half with Carolina Treet on them, and the other half with Plowboys Yardbird Rub. Also threw on some baked potatoes with Annies EVOO and sea salt. All on the Mak at 325°F with Cherry pellets.


Chicken is done:


I had one of each type of leg and some of the spatchcocked breast. All was good. First time using Carolina Treet and really liked it. And baked potatoes this way are fantastic.


Dinner was great! Can't wait to get the butts started tonight!
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Doubled-Up Chuck

CAB chuckies were on sale. (if you consider $3.99/lb a 'sale') So I grabbed a couple 2.75 pounders.

Cut up one ginormous onion. Line a foil pan with 1/3rd of it.

Rub each roast with Annie's Garlic EVOO, and a heavy dose of Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria. Layer another 1/3rd of the onions on one roast, and place the other on top. Secure with some elastic rotisserie ties. (a third hand to help here is a good idea)


Add a bottle of beer for moisture, and into the MAK at 205° for an overnight ride.


12 hours later..

20° out. BRRR.


Wooo, pretty!


IT is 170°. We'll give it another hour and go back in where it is warm.

Cut up 4 colored peppers and line a crock. (more onions on the bottom for 'insulation')


In goes the chuckies, and the yummy pan drippings. Most of the onions disintegrated.


Supposed to use a Stout beer here, but this was on sale.


Add enough to cover the peppers, lid on, and set to high for an hour or so. Then down to low for the rest of the day.

We'll shred it for some "Chuck, you Arrogant [email protected]!" sammies at trivia night...


And pulled..


Meanwhile, I heated up some Boudin and some reserved pulled pork to go with it. I skimmed the fat off and we hit the road..

Pint Sized Buffet line.



It turned out great! A bit of time & effort involved, but worth it.


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Church pot-luck butts

Church pot-luck butts

Our church had a "baby shower" for our nursery, it was a good way to get some much need new toys for the kids.

My go-to dish for a pot-luck is pulled pork.

Two butts from Sams club

Slathered with Carolina Treet, and rubbed with John Henry Texas pig rub

On the MAK with perfect mix pellets about 8pm

I checked the pellet boss program, but I must have neglected to hit "start", since I got up this morning at 0600 and only had an IT of 150F. Uh-oh. The MAK is still on "smoke". Ugh. I need to leave in two hours. I don't normally wrap butts, but I have learned here that foiling shortens the stall, but I am not even there yet. So I foiled them and set the MAK to 400F.

Voilà!, two hours later I have 190F and the probe is sliding in like a knife into warm butter. But when I went to FTC them there was a large volume of liquid (I didn't add any) in the foil. Have I squeezed all the goodness out of them with my high-temp blast? I poured the liquid into a container and FTC'd that too.

I put them in FTC around 0800, and we headed off to church.

at 11:50 I started pulling

One butt pulled. The cooks sample seemed great.

The stampede:

I put some of the liquid in the steam table pan with the meat, but it was not dry as I had feared. I received rave reviews, and the baby shower was a resounding success.


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Mushroom and Roasted Red Pepper birdloaf..

3 pounds of 85/15 ground turkey, a jar of roasted red peppers (chopped), a pound of sliced mushrooms and a bunch of other stuff... (including Annie's Garlic EVOO, Carolina Treet, Cavendish Greek seasoning, Goya Adobo, Green Tabasco, Mies Breading, and healthy shakes of Cajun Power garlic)


Slather on some more Carolina Treet for color and on the MAK at 245°.


2 hours and 20 minutes later... (sigh)


Natives are getting restless. Put the spurs to it and pull at the 3.5 hour mark.


Smoke ring! (pardon the hack job)



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Steak, Lobster & Mushrooms

Seasoned with Garlic Gold EVO and Double Secret Rub

16oz Tail



Reverse Sear Method


Earlier in the day I also made some blazi'n pistachios





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Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Pasta

Ok I didn't know what I was going to make for dinner tonight but after seeing Sparky's post on the shrimp I knew I wanted that!!!

Today was the first day running with the Yoder. We did a “seasoning/pre-burn” last night and today loaded it up with food to do a test run. Most people would probably do one thing but we are crazy and had a full load!! Did some pig candy on the top shelf and then 2 chickens and 2 chuckies on the bottom.

Started everything off at 225 in the Yoder with a combination of hickory and apple pellets.

When I pulled the chicken and it was SOOO tender that it fell apart when I was transferring it to the pan to the cutting board!!

Here it is all pulled with the “goods” that I prepped it with.

I didn’t know for sure what I was going to make for dinner tonight so I “winged” it and used what I had in the pantry. If I would have planned on this meal beforehand, I would have went to the grocery store for the ingredients to make my own Alfredo sauce. But living in the country has taught me to keep a well stocked pantry.

Everything was used in the skillet…. The Keystone was for me!!!

Melted some butter and added diced onions. When the onions were soft I added the shrimp and sprinkled more Cajun Seasoning.

Once the shrimp was done I added garlic, sliced black olives, and diced roasted red peppers (forgot these for the pic…sorry) - mix well.

Then added in shredded chicken….

Mix in Alfredo sauce and then add another 1/3 cup shredded Parmesan cheese on top to melt.

We served it with bread stick…. ENJOY!!!



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Pulled Pork and Buffalo Chicken Dip

Threw a pork butt on last night about 10pm and then made a buffalo chicken dip for todays football games...

Used a little Blues Hog Honey Mustard for the glue and then some of the favorite rubs...


Onto the MAK running 220 and off to bed..


8am only at 157, this was a big Butt!!


Got some goodies together for the Buffalo Chicken Dip... Put it on during the last 30min of Pork and then up to 300 for another 30



Pulled the Pork and foiled with some apple juice and a little cider vinegar


Dip is done..


Shredded the pork and made sandwiches with some crisp spicey southern mustard coleslaw that I got out of the Bob Gibson BBQ Cookbook, also made just a plain slaw for the unadventurous..




Great dinner to accompany some great football games!!


Chicken Roll

Have not done one of these in awhile. Chicken breast sliced in thirds to roll out. Then put some balsamic glaze and Mansmiths poultry spice on it. the filling was just onions and celery and cheese. roll it up hold together with some toothpicks and on the MAK it goes at 375. When the meat temp hit 100 start basting with some Mansmiths BBQ paste that I mixed with white wine. Basted three times during the remaing cook time.




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Some pics are not loading on my work pc for some reason.. will look at all tonight and post results. Is the cutoff time not end of Sunday night?


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Wow.. That is a bunch of amazing looking eats!!! This is a really tough one for sure...But here we go

3rd... Squirtthecat that bird loaf looks killer and I also loved your " chuck your arrogant bastard"

2nd... Sparky that seafood scramble is a really cool way to use your grill! I'm definatley trying that one!

1st... Tatonka Cajun chicken and shrimp...WOW out off the park!! Congrats! Nice first time entry!

Again everything looked great and this was a really tough one to call so congrats to everyone and thanks BP for hosting this!


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Congrats to the winners, I agree with Scallywag in that all the entree's were each top notch. That Cajun chicken and shrimp was absolutely delicious, I'm still smacking my lips after eating that one; my wife literally pulled that one out of the spice cabinet!


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Thank you !!!! :eek:

My hubby (MossyMO) was on here earlier and told me I got 1st place... I thought he was teasing me like he always does!!! He loves to give me a hard time!

Everyone's food looked great!!! I would hate to judge!

Thanks everyone for making us feel welcome! Like we said we just got the Yoder and that is how we found this great site! I am hoping there is lots more great "eats" from there. Very happy with the grill so far. Rib-eyes, sauteed onions, shrimp and garlic toast going on tonight!

We are learning lots of tips from here :cool:.

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