Contest!!! Lets dazzle them!


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Ok great week of cooks and the players are:

Scott6049 Ribs and all the Fixin’s plus Dessert

Stone Ribs, baked beans and garlic bread

Stone Mak Burgers 2

MossyMo Beef Ribs with Potato Grillers and Veg

FlyPig Pot Stickers and Buffalo Burgers

SoDakSmokerGolfer Snackin Thighs

FishingBouchman Steak Dinner

TrickyDick Pork Chops

NorCalSmoker Fillets with Lobster Mac

Tenny80 Brisket

Ok we have nine entries so I believe it is time to judge. And the winners are….

Third Place MossyMo Beef ribs. I am not a big time beef rib fan but I would sure like a plate of those. Nice job!

Second Place Scott6049 WOW buddy what a wonderfully prepared dinner. You covered all the bases on this one. Food looks great, nicely presented and photos top notch.

First Place NorCal Smoker. You had me buddy with that Lobster Mac! Top with a fillet and winner winner lobster steak dinner!

Nice cooks all around and would take a plate of all. Thanks to BP for the playground and let’s keep the great cooks coming!


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What a great week with newer members joining in! LOVE IT!!!

I agree 100%. But if I could give a little advice......although I know it is not wanted. New people listen up. We can only judge with 1 of our normal 3 senses. No taste no smell just sight. So I have to judge a cook by menu, how it's prepared and final presentation. Aka Money Shot. I can tell quite a bit how a item is cooked by looking at it. But I need the input as to which spices were used to get an idea how it tastes. If I can give one bit of advice learn how to post full size photos. That way we can see the juiciness , the spices, the char and the how we'll it was cooked. Good luck!

Big Poppa

good advice rick I get emails all the time people wanting to know my camera and lighting....its an ipad...simple.


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so how does the $5 to the store work? do we get an email about it or something? wouldn't mind ordering a grill grate haha


so how does the $5 to the store work? do we get an email about it or something? wouldn't mind ordering a grill grate haha

Kristen will P.M. you with the coupon code. You can then apply it towards any purchase on the Big Poppa Smokers web store.

You can use it right away or save them up. Spend just $39.99 (in addition to the coupons) and you will also get free shipping. You can't go wrong!

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I'm glad I didn't have to judge this one!
Awesome dishes everyone! It's great to see some new players!
I use my iPhone to take all my pictures now. It's just easier than having to drag out the camera and upload all the pics then link all the pics from photo bucket to here. Ive been using Tapatalk on the iPad for a year now. EASY!
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