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Smoked chicken and buffalo chicken dip

Changing it up this week with some poultry.

2 whole fryers and some boneless breasts, one rubbed with Jamaican jerk, the other with Head country.


The whole chickens are for dinner, the breasts for smoked buffalo chicken dip.





to be continued


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Made my second-ever batch of ribs tonight.

1/3 Oak. 2/3 Mesquite (100%, no base wood).

Glue of chipotle mustard, Calhoun's rub, Calhoun's charcoal rub.



Into the Memphis Elite at 250 for 1.75 hours. Flipped and smoked for another 45 minutes.


Foiled, with apple juice, honey, vietnamese cinnamon (I was nervous about the cinnamon, but it worked out great)

Back on for 30 minutes at 250, in foil.

Pulled, removed foil, and glazed with 1/2 Honeyville honey mustard, and 1/2 Tiger sauce (first time I've used the Tiger sauce. Yumm).


10 minutes each side at 295. And voila!


Some of the tastiest ribs I've ever had. Great depth of flavor. Could have been a touch more tender. For ribs, would that be a case of cooking too long, or not cooking long enough? Advice very much appreciated. Thanks to all.


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Perogie's and kids pig's n a blanket finishing up...

Plated up..mmm .. mmm ... mmm

Thanks for looking!!! See you guy's in a few weeks...


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Apricot Glazed Chicken

I started with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and pounded them just a tad. Then I hit them with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Next I mixed some apricot jam with a little cranberry pear balsamic vinegar and headed out to the grill.

The chicken went on the grill with a pot of cherry pellets. After I flipped them I basted them with the apricot glaze and put some Romaine onto the grill for my salad.



Here is the plated shot. I served the chicken with a sauce of mayonnaise, Sriracha and fresh lime juice and topped the grilled Romaine with cukes, red onions and sliced oranges with a dressing made with garlic EVOO and cranberry pear balsamic vinegar.

Sometimes the simplest cooks are the most delicious. Thanks for looking.


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Back 2 Basics BBQ

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to go back to the fundamentals.

3-2-1 ribs.


Score the membranes (I can never get them off of this particular brand), slather with mustard, and coat liberally with your favorite BBQ Rub. Going with Williams today and a Tabasco laced mustard for a bit of a twang.


Into the Traeger at 225-245°.


A little before 3, I'll give them a painting of Blues Hog cut with AC vinegar, and foil them for a couple hours.


Meanwhile, I was jamming to my new toy. Grace WiFi radio.


It's loaded with Pandora, IHeartRadio, some NPR thing and NOAA Weather Radio. (and Sirius Radio if I wasn't too much of a cheapskate to pay for that) It's just a hair out of WiFi range on my BBQ patio, so I moved it to the deck.

Was is the operative word.. These guys made a close pass. I wish the would fly on the other side of the interstate!



Charlie Don't Surf!


Hit them with a 50/50 mix of Blues Hog and Apple Cider vinegar.


Conundrum. I'm almost out of foil. :eek:

Ok, whack in half and into a deep pan.


Cover tight.

And 2 stragglers that I manged to get wrapped up.


We'll check back in '2'. Might not need the '1' at the end the way they are looking now..


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Back 2 Basics BBQ cont.

After about 90 minutes in the foil/pan.


Back in and use up the last of the glaze. 45 minutes or so while the Traeger is cooling down.


Oh Yeah..


Took them inside, and that part of a rack ended up as 'Quality Control' over the sink.

Tender, indeed!


MrsSTC said "this" is how you should make them for us from now on...



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Money Pork Chops

Nothing too fancy this weekend.

Seasoned 2 boneless pork chops with BP's Money. The Happy Ending was put on at the end of the cook.

Wanted something easy so grabbed a go to bag of frozen is better than no veggies. Added a little extra by adding a little more butter, minced garlic and BP's Desert Gold to the mix.

Onto the grill with hickory pellets in the AMAZEN pellet smoker.

Done and ready to eat!!

Happy Ending!!



1 Star FlameZone Rocks Dinner!

Let's give the new MAK 1 Star FlameZone another spin around the block, shall we?

Some super thick bone-in Loin Chops rubbed with Sage, Nutmeg, Salt & Pepper going on the upper rack for some smoke time along side some Sweet Vidalia Onion Blooms sprinkled with Little Louie's.

Meanwhile, lets load up some FireWire skewers with some Cherry tomatoes & Brussels Sprouts tossed in Olive Oil & Little Louie's.

Crank the grill up to 400° and listen...

It's Barry White singing, "Yeah Baby, it's time for some FlameZone lovin'. "

Add some bacon & cheese to the onion blooms... look at the sear marks on those chops!

Who says you can't get a great sear on a pellet grill? Not me!

P.S. I think the FlameZone & the FireWires are going to become great pals!


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Sorry everybody for such a late judging, just got home from a 3 day trip with my boy.. Gotta make this short and sweet, I have a tired kid and a whole truck to unload..Alot of great cooks this week, always tough..

3rd: Scallywag's Drunk Chicken and Perogies's Great looking meal and always better when you use my favorite beer!
2nd: RickB's BBQ Shrimp That looks like its out of a restaurant! I want to try that one!!
1st: Tent's 1 Star Flame Zone Dinner What a excellent looking meal!

It looks like there was only one rookie cook and it goes to Wing Commander, nice job! That chicken looked excellent and that sauce Id like to try

Great cooks everyone and thanks BP for putting it on!


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Congratulations to the winners!! Again, there were some tasty looking dishes prepared. Thanks BP for the playground.


Chili Head

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Congrats top three!! Awesome looking dishes.

Great job everyone! Win or lose everything looked fantastic!

Thanks Dan for judging!
Thanks BP for the bucks!


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Once again a great week of cooks. Scally you seem to be up there every week. Great cook. Tent that chop was killer. And may I add nicely plated. A well deserved first place. Got to try that one. Dan thanks for judgeing this week and as always thanks to BP for contest. Wing congrates on the win. Lets hope more newbies chime in.

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Wow, we just got home from playing in a concert. This was unexpected to say the least! I'd have picked Rick's for 1st place. That shrimp & Sausage looked so dang good!

Wing Commander deserves that prize even if he was the only rookie this week. That meal was top notch all the way! Chicken with a blue berry sauce. YUM!!!

Thanks Dan for judging (it's never easy). Congrats to Scally too. And it goes without saying, we are all very grateful to Big Poppa for this forum and the contest!



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I'm happy to join in and pick your pockets -- any amount helps convince the wife that yes, yes we do need a MAK/Memphis smoker to replace my...suboptimal...brinkmann one. And no, the made-in-china traegers for sale at costco are not sufficient.

That said, as a newbie and a lurker I have no idea what you want in an entry -- all I know about this forum is that the bob marley guy shows up from time to time and apparently knows what he's talking about :)

Yes...yes indeed he does!
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