Cool Smoke takes 6th overall at the jack


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Congratulations to Tuffy Stone and Kendall Lamp for placing 6th in the Jack overall.

I am still kicking myself for not staying the extra couple days with you guys so I could see you cook.

Darn wife and their aniversary (as in I better be home for ours).

Candy Sue

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Don't believe Cool Smoke got a single call in the categories either. But they only called 1-5 this year. I hate that! 75+ teams at a contest should call at least top ten, even if there's awards for top 5 only.

BBQr's Delight had two category winner customers! Smokin' Lipps tosses pellets in their Backwoods (1st chicken) and Smoke on Wheels is all-pellet driven (1st pork).
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