Christmas Dinner for 30


Dinner was prime rib eye roast . Keeping with the "King of the Smokers" theme. The rib eye was seasoned with Simply Marvelous peppered cow rub. The turkey was seasoned with jalapeño salt from BPS and "Little Louie's seasoning with pepper. The ribs seasoned with Money and jallelehah maple bacon jalapeño rub and rib tickler. The moink ball were seasoned with Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction and the sauce was Plowboys 180. The ribs had Big Bob Gibson barbecue sauce.


The rib eye was cooked on the BPS drum. The Moinks and the ribs were cooked on the MAK Grills . The turkey breast were cooked on the WSM.



Knowing I have been doing the whole "King of the Smokers" theme my wife got me this hat and shirt.






This was the first Christmas for this young lady.

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Stuffed some with Lil' Smokies and Cream Cheese, some with Tuscan Grilled Jerked Chicken and Cream Cheese, and some with Chorizo and 3 Alarm Colby-Jack Cheese
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Sprinkle with a little Rub
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Smoked for 2 hours and then bumped to 350 to get a cripsier bacon
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The 3-Alarm Cheese was rather spicy!

Next item....


I am struggling with my Mac cause my PC had a OS re-install and no photo editing software. Trying to get photos down to size has been a challenge tonight.

TD - shrinking a photo on a stock PC is very simple. First, open the picture in Paint. Then click on edit, then "stretch and skew". Then change the horizontal and vertical to 50% each. Then click on File, then Saveas and give the file a new name (so you don't lose the original). The resulting file will be at least 10 times smaller with very little degradation in quality.

Another method you can use if you have Outlook installed and configured for your email - right click on the picture (or group of pictures), point to Sendto, then click "mail recipient". Then follow through the wizard and there will be a point where it will ask you if you want to make the pictures smaller. Then address the email to yourself and the dramatically smaller pictures will appear in your inbox.

Nice cook"s" BTW... ding, ding,ding - we have an over achiever here folks!!! :)


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Wow!! This is a tough one! Everything looks amazing!
It would be easier for me say they are all winners..

3rd place - Scooter - Chile Verde with cornbread. That is a great cold day meal and looked fantastic!
2nd place - Kite - Meatloaf with a kick and Brownie S'mores. The meatloaf on its own looks great but you go and throw that dessert in there!! My wife was looking at that and insisting I try it
1st place - Smoker Joe - Cold weather turkey. I can relate to the cold cooking.. I usually dress for it though..hehe. That turkey looked great and I'm sure the maple glaze was amazing on it!

Thanks everyone else for sharing not only photos of your cooks but of your lovely families as well!


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Thanks for all the help and information from all the BPS crew and forum members who helped make this possible!
Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year to all!


WOW! You certainly did have a BBQ fest, looks amazing! So glad you are having fun:).


A great turnout this week! Congrats to Kite and to Smoker Joe and all who entered the contest! Loved the smiling family Christmas pics!
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