Deb is the judge! This Weeks Contest!!!!!


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tonight's dinner, you know it. say it was me ppl, BABY BACK RIBS.
yellow glue, 3eyz & obie wan sweet & heat.



after awhile it was time for secret stuff and foil.


after 1 more hour it was more secret stuff (don't tell no one)

ohhhhh, pretty


they were fantastic. :cool:
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Sparky, you're a rib making machine! I'm definitely including the habanero jellies in my next BP order!


Second try at Ham - Success!

This will be posted in the section as well :).

This was my second attempt at curing & smoking a ham from scratch and I'm pleased as punch with the results!

I picked up an almost 10 lb. Picnic Shoulder to cure & smoke like a ham. I cut the skin off trimmed it up then made up a low sodium Honey & Sugar Brine (with only a small amount of Cure#1). Some of the brine was injected into the shoulder then it was immersed in the brine and put into the fridge to brine/cure for five days.

After five days I scored it and put it on the pit with some Hickory Pellets to hot smoke at about 325° for 4 hours. I made a glaze of Honey, a bit of Water and Ground Allspice.

The Picnic Ham was perfectly cured all the way through and very juicy.

We sliced a bit up to try. It has a very nice deep flavor with a hint of hickory & honey. I can't believe how moist and tasty it was WITHOUT being salty! This recipe is definitely a keeper!

I can't wait for my Mom, who's salt intake is even more restricted than mine, to try this :).


BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Loaf

These BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers are a family favorite. They're made like a meat loaf, smoked then cut up into big burgers and served on Texas toast.

To make them we use a couple of small cookie sheets made for toaster ovens. Each cookie sheet was loaded up with about 2 lbs. ground beef and seasoned with a little salt, pepper and then hit with some Smoking Guns 'Gun Powder' rub. Homemade BBQ Sauce was spread over the top, then it was topped with slices of Muenster cheese, thin onion slices, roasted red pepper, thick cut bacon and a little parsley flakes.

This was a perfect chance to try out my new Hasty-Bake Small Grill Extender. A Hickory Pellet pouch was put in place, then We loaded up the grill with some Armadillo Egg Poppers made from red bell peppers & jalapenos. The Grill Extender & Burger loaves were added. It worked perfectly - worth every penny!

Each smoky meat loaf was cut into four big burgers and served up on some Texas Toast along with the Poppers & some Roasted Gold Klondike Potatoes.

They were Guu-uud! Thanks for looking :).
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Honey-Hot Squeeze Pork Chops

Pork chops rubbed with olive oil and 3eyz then on a the drum with cherry pellets. Seared on the grill grates then removed the chops to bring down the heat. Put them back on when the drum got down to about 275. Mopped with a mixture of Hot Squeeze and honey for last 20 minutes and pulled at 150 IT.

These came out very tasty. My fiance said she's never had pork chops she liked and she totally approved of step closer to getting my Mak 2 star :D





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This gets harder and harder - everything looks incredible. There isn't an entry that I wouldn't love to eat.

I won't keep you in suspense, the winners are:

3rd place : CarterQ's Last Meal Rack of Lamb........ beautiful Carter ! If that meal doesn't get you through the week nothing will.

2nd place : FLBentrider's Wagyu Brisket - I'll let you in on a little secret ... I'm not a huge brisket fan but that one wants me to be one. That is a beautiful brisket.

1st place: Rip's Ribs & Apple Dumplings! Those ribs are beautiful and the apple dumplings took the entry over the top. That's what I am having for dinner this weekend!


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Wow! Thanks Deb! So many great cooks this week...I just went back over all of thing for sure, we all ate very well last weekend. Congrats to Carter and FLB too! So many great cooks this week....At this rate I will never run out of things on my "must try" list. Sparky, I'm still coming to your place to eat ribs!

Big Poppa

I dont think there was a entry that couldnt have placed. It is a rough job but it's RIp's this week..some kind of rookie, eh? hahaha


Congrats to all and thanks! Win, place, or show with this group is an accomplishment, great cooks by all. Let's all make Rip earn his stripes this week!
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