Deb's the Judge1 This weeks contest is on1


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Cell service is sketchy here right now and I'm seeing ? Instead of some pics on my iPad . A little later I'm going to take my laptop and see if panera is open and has Internet and heat and se if I can't do some judging


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Hey Deb, go to your general settings and change posts per page from the default (10), to 5 per page, this will help with iPad picture display.


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Sorry guys. I still am having trouble with seeing the pics. I know that a bunch of towers got knocked out in the storm . I'll try back later


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Sorry, This is going to be short and sweet since I have started to write this three times and gotten errors"......

As usual all the entries were awesome and I'd love to eat with any of you.....

Third - Flbentrider. BB ribs and cheesecake
Second. Carterq's roasted whole baby pumpkins
And ........
First - Chili's cannibal cookies and smoked Meatloaf man!

Awesome job everyone!

Chili Head

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WOW! Thanks Deb!
Congrats flbentrider and carterq! Awesome dishes you guys prepaired! Every week I see something I want to try. Great job everyone!

Thanks for judging Deb!
Thank you BP for putting up the prizes!

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I think Deb deserves extra kudos for sitting in a cold, powerless house while looking at dozens of pictures of HOT/DELICIOUS FOOD!
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