Deep Dish Pizza


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Deep Dish Pizza

Dough, then mozz cheese, then homemade sausage (italian on left & chicken/basil/tomato on right), then sauce


parm cheese on top


to the pellet grill


finished (missed a cut piece)



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Sorry Rip, I forgot about this. Things are kind of crazy right now. I'll try to do this weekend, if I forget remind me.


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Hey Deb, what temp and how long did you smoke it
I've got to try this very soon, our mouths are watering
where you get those pans?


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I can't look at your posts here in the office, I get too hungry and lunch is still a few hours away!


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Sorry, I have been crazy lately, I meant to update this awhile ago. I was going to update with more than a link but until things slow down a little I"ll just post a link to the recipe that I used. I will do again and add more pics when life gets back to normal.

The pans I used were just 6" cake pans that I bought at a restaurant supply store - no special pizza pans. I know in the pizza forums there is talk that you can't use light colored pans for pizza - that it won't brown but I have not had any problems with them. You can certainly use larger pans but I like the little ones so that I can make personalized ones.

Malnati Deep Dish with Semolina

That link calls for KAOAP flour and semolina -- I think the KAOAP must be King Arthur Organic All Purpose flour.... you could use all purpose flour and semolina - semolina can be found in the grocery section - if it's not in the baking aisle then look at the health food section as they sometimes have Bob Red Mill flours & grains hidden there. Or sometimes you can find a pasta blend of flour and semolina. I used King Arthur Flour perfect pizza blend which is a blend of flours & semolina. You could also just use all purpose flour for it, I think I would reduce the water slighly to start and add more if needed, the semolina is harder so I believe it would absorb more water.

the recipe calls for 450degrees for 22 - 25 minutes, my traeger rarely gets that high so I'm sure I did closer to 400 for a little longer .
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That really looks delicious... I am new Traeger owner and I am going to cook a thin crust pizza using my pizza stone... I might do a side deep dish like yours to just to learn more about the process... Thanks for the idea


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I love deep dish pizza and those are just the right size. I wonder if plain rings would work on top of a pizza stone. My stone is 19 inches. Man those look good! I mean woman those look good! :p :p

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