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We are having a big crowd for Easter Sunday. Wife asked me if I could smoke a ham and salmon. I haven't done either yet. Any recommendations? I may be able to get a raw free-range ham from a local farmer.


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Sounds like a great menu! If you're talking fresh ham, as in a hind leg, it will need to be cured before it is "ham".


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I had this awesome chicken entree one Easter at a place in new Hampshire called the country kitchen or country gourmet, it's been so long the details are fading.

It was a glazed stuffed chicken breast. This was about 15 years ago and I knew little about cooking at the time. I have been pondering the recipe for years though have not yet attempted to recreate it. I believe it was a oven roasted bone in skin on breast stuff with a concoction of dried and fresh fruit (apricot pear and apple I believe, maybe raisins too) possibly also some ham or sausage and maybe sage. It was glazed in a sauce like the outback coconut shrimp dipping sauce, maybe a rum/apricot affair and it might also have been crusted with a similar coconut finish, and then glazed. I can tell you it was an awesome alternative to the traditional roast or ham. I asked the waitress for the recipe but she forgot to ask the chef and we had to leave.

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I started playing with making ham today. I injected with pineapple and lime juice and gave it a rub with the same stuff I use on fresh pork most of the time. Sadly I screwed up and overcooked it but the flavor was nice. I hope that helps in some way. Best of luck!
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