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Money pork chops, twice baked potatoes and Happy Ending sweet corn

Got home today from a great camping weekend with family and friends - wanted to do something simple for dinner and we had brought home some excellent Peaches-n-Cream sweet corn with us!

Started with some boneless pork chops seasoned with BPS Money.

Next - twice backed potatoes. I started making these ahead of time and freezing them. Works out great!!

All in the Yoder being smoked with a Cherry and Hickory mix.

Added a little Happy Ending to the pork chops with a few minutes to go...

Add a little sour cream to the twice baked potato and added Happy Ending to the sweet corn. WOW!! That Happy Ending brought the corn to a whole new level of excellence!!!

Chops done perfectly - wonderful flavor and very juicy!

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Tanya those are nice and thick chops! Did you cut those from a center loin?

Love the tater too!

How come everyone else gets such beautiful corn? This California corn sucks...


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Simple Saturday dinner

A couple of rib eyes with Double Secret and Happy Ending

On to the UDS with a handful of oak pellets for some smoke

Flipped @ 110F IT

Looking good!

Plated with a baked tater. Simple, filling, delicious. Nuff said!


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Back to basics! Some beer can chicken...

The players

Use some EVOO to give it a nice undercoat

All rubbed up and ready to go

Big Bertha, ready and waiting at 350

Gettin' there

All done.

So easy, yet so good. Especially on day two with some BBQ sauce on top and an onion poppy seed ciabatta bun...


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Simple Sunday dinner

Boneless, skinless(tasteless) chicken breasts with some Yardbird and Money

On to the UDS with a handful of apple pellets

Time for a flip

Plated with mashed taters and local WA sweetcorn(it's finally ready and delicious), some butter and a dusting of Desert Gold

Nice and moist and the rubs worked well

Blueberrys from the garden went into the crisp for dessert. The milk's for you Sparky:)


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Well I tried a new spin on pulled pork tonight. My first butt on the MAK.
Started with little 5 pounder rub with some money...
View attachment 1656

Popped it in the MAK on smoke for 2 1/2 hrs then cranked it up to 275 for another 4ish hrs
View attachment 1657

Now for the twist or it is for me.... Pile of stuff for cheesy polenta cakes
View attachment 1658

Plus some avocado ranch sauce in the making...
View attachment 1659

And I give you pulled pork atop of a crispy polenta cake nestled in some tangy, creamy ranch avocado sauce with BB Gibson red sauce over the top
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death wangs vs sissy wangs.

this one for squirt. he loves chicken and hot stuff.

death wangs = 2 big squirts of creamed horseradish, some jalapeno juice, good portion of soileau's, 10 shakes of tabasco, heavy drizzle of chili oil and a few large squirts of sriracha.

note: wear gloves, goggles and respirator if duplicating.


sissy wangs = grape oil and desert gold.


everyone in the pool.


threw some oak pellets down for some smoky, smoky.


alright. were getting a good crisp on.


sissy sauce.


i thought what would squirt use on his death wangs? i know.


they look good. no paint brush was involved.


no one home so the whole plate goes infront of me.


needed some help after 3 of the death wangs.


i ate them all and was in alot of discomfort. forehead sweating, nose running and tears. lets do it again.

Big Poppa

salmon you are getting good on the drum! Hey thanks for the love on the rubs everybody! I second that corn deal...

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Man, that was a hard race! So many great cooks with great ideas made it hard to judge and I'd be glad I could have been picking more than 3 winners.

But first of all a big thank you to Big Poppa for the contest!

Here are the contestants:

muebe - A rack divided
tbone - Tomato Potato Pie
Ffvillager - First Baby Backs on Boonie
OLE - Pulled Pork
Chili Head - Stuffed poblanos and black beans and rice
68sting - tri tip
FLBentRider - Mushrooms, Onions and Beef
soupyjones - Salmon Sunday
RickB - Steak and Chicken
Scallywag - Mucho Burrito's
OLE - Game Time Appetizers
dc1956 - Baby Backs and Mac
squirtthecat - Butts and Turkey
Patrick_CT - Dinner and special breakfast request
Tatonka3A2 - Money pork chops, twice baked potatoes and Happy Ending sweet corn
Salmonsmoker - Simple Saturday dinner
Moomtaz - Beer can chicken
SoDakSmokerGolfer - Pulled Pork
sparky - death wangs vs sissy wangs
sparky - i'm not fat

Alright, after 2 hours of thinking about the first 3 places I made my decision simply by what I'd love to eat right now most. So here are the winners:

3rd place: RickB - Especially your steak looked great with pefect grillmarks and I loved that potato. Blue cheese butter tastes delicious with steak! The green beans and the cherry tomatos have a beautiful color. Nice harmony of all those components.

2nd place: muebe - Your rib feast was outstanding. I love variations on a theme, and those ribs looked so tasty that I almost bit into my monitor. That was completed with the smashed taters, where you continue your theme with that Texas Candy bacon and the gravy of the rib drippings.

1st place: FLBentRider - I love your idea to prepare the beef chuck with onions and mushrooms in red wine. Simple and delicious! Beef, red wine, onions, and mushrooms are always a great combination and hamonize perfectly. Amazing color on the beef before foiling and great smokering. I'm gonna cook that next time I get some chuck!

Congrats to the winners and everyone who entered - there were some really amazing cooks this weekend!
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Congrats Bent! Really great cook! You too Rick!

Thanks to BP and everyone who participated in the contest ;)

And thanks WC for judging!
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Thanks WC and congrats to Bent and Muebe! All the cooks looked great. Just seems to be getting better and better. Thanks BP for setting the table.
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