Feedback and it forward!

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So I couldn't be happier with how this forum has developed...bunch of really nice freindly helpful people that cook fabulous food....

So here is the rap for today....The best way for this to continue to grow and teach new cooks is feeback. Sometimes I notice really good food without comments or questions. It isn't rah rah fanboi....BUT the more that you continue to participate the more the forum develops....Dont be afraid to give constructive praise, input, etc....also dont be afraid to ask for more details regarding the recipe or technique....we all grow from the shared knowledge....

When we start taking a regular contributor for granted they gradually stop posting as they think if they aren't getting comments or questions that they may be boring people....

So pay it forward and be free with feedback....thanks a bunch!

Spey Rod

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This may be an older thread, but paying it forward is an ideal that never grows old!

And true it is! I have made it a point in my life to ask, "what can I contribute", instead of, "what can I get." While I may not post pretty pictures, due to lack of skills, I will not hesitate to help and promote good eating when I can.

As I learn, I shall share!


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I just got as new bbq/smoker. A Smoke Hollow. One side is a bbq and the other is a smoker. I have never smoked meat or fish before. But, i want to learn a few things. I went to my neighborhood store and picked up some pellets. They are infused with Aprico and rosemary. Perfect for chicken. However, i don't know what to do or for how long to smoke it.
Any and all help would be appreciated. The chicken is about 5 pounds and is brining right now.


Input for consideration: the recent change to the 'what's new' is troubling. It does not group new replies at the thread level instead it forces you to wander thru the provided list to locate & read specifically the responses to a specific thread. i.e. the first to comments and then #5 and #8 in the list are responses to the same thread. It would be much better if all the new responses to a thread were together (one right after the other in the order they were posted). As it is, not a good thing guys! Please fix or revert to previous method.


Yep, you can still list the new posts, using the old format, by clicking "New posts" instead of "What's New."
I am with mcschlotz on this one. Not user friendly from my point of view. But, as with all change, I will figure it out. Does not work for me unless I log in.


"What's New" is now simply a listing of all recent posts made in chronological order. Nothing more; nothing less. This feature was NOT yet fully implemented in the previous version of the forum software.

"New Posts", on the other hand, is a listing of newer posts that YOU have not yet read. The server keeps track of this for each account, no matter what device you use to log into the forum. In other words you can log in from work, then go home, log in through your phone, etc. and the server still keeps track of it. Ergo the reason that you need to log in for it to work.

I LIKE the new "What's New" feature because it allows you to easily find newer posts, even AFTER your "New Posts" session has either been viewed, or has timed out.
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