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Hi there! I've been pellet smoking for about 9 months now and have never looked back. I really never was into smoking at all or really trying to do true BBQ, but after kind of looking around and landing on my first pellet grill being the Austin XL from Pit Boss, I fell in love with it all!

I've since moved on from the Austin XL and Pit Boss brand. I ended up recently getting the Pellet Pro 1190 from Smoke Daddy. Mostly due to the fact of the PID controller being so good and I kind of wanted to have a direct connection with the actual business owner. So far, so good! It's a great grill and I've had noting but great success with it thus far.

We had a small issue with the PID controller in the beginning, but I believe that was due to the pellets that were being used as when I swapped them out. The temp issues were fixed immediately! Guess I ended up just getting a crappy bag.

I hope to learn some new things from you all and chime in when I can with my experiences to help others out as well.
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