First Brisket...


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Got an 11lb packer from the butcher yesterday. Trimmed the fat pockets and silver off the top, and the hard fat from the sides and some fat between the point and flat. I coated with EVOO, and then applied a liberal amount of rub (Fiesta Brisket Rub), then let sit in the refridgerator for 2 hours. At that point I fired up the grill, got the pellet tube smoker going, put a little more rub on the brisket, then placed it on the upper rack in the MAK. I programmed the pellet boss to run at smoke for 2.5 hours, then increase temp to 225. First thing in the morning, about 7.5 hrs in, checked the temp, 170, so I foiled and placed back on the upper rack. At IT of ~198, 2.5hrs after foil, I removed the meat. I vented for about 5 minutes, re-wrapped in foil, toweled, and placed in cooler. Removed after 3.5 hours in cooler, trimmed fat, separated flat and point, placed on grill for 5 minutes, then removed and sliced.


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The Brisket


All rubbed:

After separating the flat and point:






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The brisket was a little dry. Somewhat tender. I was a little disappointed. Was average at best. It was better than some, and not as good as others. Not sure how to get a more moist and tender product. The slices may have been a little thick, and maybe thinner slices would have helped a bit with tenderness. The pieces didn't bend very well, or pull apart with ease. Overall, not a bad product for my first attempt. As always, thank you to everyone that posts advice and their own recipes for us noobs to use as reference.


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i think it looks fantastic. looks real juicy. how was the taste? what did you do w/ the point?


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Thank you, Sparky.

The flavor was actually pretty good, although a bit dry. My wife is picky and said she really liked the flavor. Some pieces were a bit more salty than others, so I need to adjust how I apply the rub. Could really taste the beef, though.

I didn't do much with the point. Sliced like the flat. I didn't think ahead to do anything nice with the point. This cook was for me, the wife, a friend, and leftovers for work lunches. Any tips for using the point are much appreciated.


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Do you find it hard to trim the meat while standing horizontal like that?

Looks good man, briskets are delicious, but expensive if you mess them up!


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Looks good!

I did my first brisket last week and injected with beef broth... It was definitely a keeper (juicy and tender)!
And "gasp"... It was even a flat from W--mart:eek:


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Thank you. ajstrider, it was difficult to trim while standing horizontal in the beginning, but a bit of practice and it is not problem now. Getting the cabinets in sideways was tough, though.

I may eventually try injecting with beef broth. I will try muebe's technique, and follow some other advice before I try injecting.


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Highly recommend injecting brisket. Did one last weekend that came out great. On the other hand I injected a butt for this weekend.....saw no difference. Won't be injecting butts anymore.....wasted effort.


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Three things I was thinking of that may eliminate dryness (I'm not an expert on brisket, just throwing these out there):

1. Maybe foiling it at 170 was too late. Perhaps at 150, about the time of the stall would be better.

2. Injecting it probably would help, beef broth is a safe way to go

3. Perhaps foiling it for 3.5 hours after it reached 198 had something to do with it. Maybe pull at around 192 and foil for that long or pull at 198+ and don't foil quite so long. Remember, it continues to rise in temp if you foil and cover.

What do y'all think about these possibilities? By the way, it "looked" good in the pics, even if you think it was dry. I've had problems in the past with dryness too, and those are probably fixable. My bigger problems revolved around taste and flavor of final product, something that's harder to remedy. Im still working on that.
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