Flbent is up as judge this week hot seat enter the contest!

Big Poppa

Ok I refuse to call him Bent....the only Bent I am aware of is a mean gas bag....hahahah
THis weeks contest Fl Bent Rider gets to judge you kids.....I know Spinny is mad as hell over his chicken cordon bleu that Kevin overlooked and wants to spike Sparkys FT over the Coneys and Mac and Cheese Cups...So I know he is coming loaded for bear.....

Lets hold the man down! hhahahahahaah Its all good I have no idea how spinny feels I just picked his because the competition is getting so good and he didnt place and it was awesome as were all of the cooks entered.....just posting port butts wont get her done anymore

First Place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
First runner Up...(touchy feel way to say your were second) $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Runner up ( another touchy feely way to say you didnt win) $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 Store credit to all others who enter1

Bring it on Pour the gold!


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Pizza night ...... I haven't' made pizza in awhile and there has been alot of pizza talk ........ oh yeah, and I promised the kids that I would make some before they left for school ...........

so I mixed up some the quick NY style dough that i use when I don't plan ahead

first up...... veggie pizza - spinach, red pepper, italian pepper & onion -- this is what it looked like going in, I can't find the done picture


next up ..... meat pizza - ham, pepperoni, sausage

third pizza - was a crushed san marzano with just parmesan cheese - cooked in the oven, grill was taking some time and vultures were circling

next - another meat - pepperoni & sausage

another veggie - same as the first

and the last and my personal favorite

sauteed some apple slices in some butter, brown sugar and a splash of lemon juice - onto the pizza shell , covered with topping (oats, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon , little flour) and cinnamon chips

into the grill - almost done here

finished off in the oven for a few minutes (almost over finished)

a slice

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I'm in--Tonight I did tacos using skirt steak. Made a marinade on the fly using EVOO, cilantro, garlic, red onion, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, splash of soy sauce, couple odds and ends for seasoning. Worked pretty well. let it soak in for an hour or so and put the meat on the grill. Used a mix of Oak and hickory pellets in a foil pouch.

While waiting for the weber to heat up we received a visit from the neighbors:

Here's what the skirts looked like coming off the grill:

and plated up on a corn tortilla with cilantro, lime, pico, and some crumbly feta. Dee-lish!

And for desert I totally ripped off Big Poppa and made his smoked strawberry shortcake (I did switch it up and used Agave Nectar instead of brown sugar in the strawberries) This is probably the easiest thing I make, and definitely the family favorite!
On the Grill:

And ready to eat!

bark biter

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Garden Fresh Tomato & Garlic Sauce

They look awesome.

First time entering so here goes.

I hate to say it but for a couple of days I was sick of meat, and just wanted a tomatoe base sauce.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden, seasoned with salt and pepper, smoked off on the Traeger with some garlic drizzled with EVO in a pan.

View attachment 792

One the tomatoes and garlic were done, I pureed them in the blender, potted and seasoned with spices. I also added a can of tomoatoes as there is a crowd in our house.

Meatballs came next, 2 lbs of hamburger meat, some bread crumbs, salt and pepper, oregano, Traeger Cajan Shake, a good squirt of Sweet Baby Rays.

Meatballs cooked on Traeger.

View attachment 794
And then dinner

View attachment 793

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Teaser picture alert!

Tonight ingredients.


The beer isn't part of the recipe. It's just for me!


Stay tuned!

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Lamb chops with lemon and dill roasted potatoes


The first thing I did was fire up the MAK with a mix of peach and cherry pellets and ran the temp up to 450°.

While the MAK was heating up I made the cucumber sauce.

1 english cucumber
4 scallions
1 fresh lemon
1 cup plain yogurt
1 TS chopped dill
1/8 ts paprika
kosher salt
fresh ground black pepper

Cut 3 inches of your cucumber then peel it and dice it into 1/4 inch pieces.


Next you need to cut and chop 4 scallions. I only used the white part of the scallions.


Next you need 1 TB of fresh chopped dill, 1/8 TS of paprika, kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.


In a mixing bowl add 1 cup of plain yogurt, 1 TB of fresh lemon juice and 1 TB of EVOO.
Mix in your dry ingredients and stir everything in.




Once that is mixed well cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for later.

Next up we're going to make a marinade for the lamb chops.

1 TB fresh lemon juice
2 TS fresh chopped oregano
1/2 TS kosher salt
1/4 TS fresh ground pepper
2 cloved minced garlic

In a small bowl whisk together the ingredients.



Brush the marinade onto both sides of the lamb chops then cover them and put them back into the fridge for 30 minutes.


to be continued
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Next up we got our potatoes ready and onto the MAK.

Cut your potatoes up into 1/4 pieces and drizzle some EVOO, fresh cut dill and some salt and pepper to taste. Put your potato quarters onto skewers and grill at 450°



Once the potatoes start turning brown you can start your lamb chops. The Chops will take about 8 - 10 minutes to cook to a medium rare to medium. Only turn them over once!



Here it is plated up.


Whoo almost forgot the cucumber sauce :p



To be continued

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For dessert we had Butter-Rum Pineapple with Coconut/Pineapple Ice Cream.

You're going to need..

3 TB unsalted butter
3 or more TB rum ( I used coconut rum) ;)
1 TB Honey
1/8 TS ground cinnamon
1 Pineapple cored and sliced
1 pint of coconut/pineapple ice cream
mint sprigs
ginger snaps

First off you want to melt your butter and add the rum, honey and cinnamon.


Next up your going to core your pineapple and slice it. Once sliced brush some of the butter/cinnamon mixture onto the slices and put them on the grill.






Once off the grill cut your pineapple into pieces and drizzle some butter - rum sauce on the pieces.


to be continued
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In your bowl of choice add your ice cream and pineapple slices then drizzle some of the butter/cinnamon/honey/rum sauce over the top. Add a ginger snap and garnish with some mint and 1/4 of the pineapple core sliced length ways.


I hope you enjoy!
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Brined Spatchcocks!

Had a long 4 days in the hospital and just returned home yesterday with my wife and new daughter... Wanted something pretty easy to make for ourselves and my folks who where here helping with my son while we where gone..I have done spatchcocks before but have never brined them..I used Diva Q's turkey brine recipe that I found in another thread..


I cut the recipe in half and had to substitute the all spice berries with juniper berries..


Seasoned up with some garlic evoo, BPSLL and DG then with about 20 min left hit one with some Raos Lemon Chicken Marinade and one with some Salamidas State Fair Garlicious sauce...Both NY staples...Raos is excellent by the way if your ever in NYC or recently now in Vegas you gotta try it!!


Onto the Mak running at about 310 till they hit 150 or so...Upped it to 415 and threw on some balsamic artichokes...Basted with the sauces...


Pulled when the hit 167 carved and added a little more sauce to each..


Sorry but it was pretty hectic around here and I forgot to take plated pics...Served it with some rice and fresh bread...Chicken was sooo moist...I will brine again!! I normally dont spatchcook so high in the beginning but I was pressed for time...Other than the wings getting a little dark it came out fantastic..
Scallops with Pineapple Salsa

First, got the MAK going:

Marinated some scallops in EVOO, mint, and rosemarry with fresh cracked pepper:

Grilled some pineapple slices:

Grilled some red onions, green and red jalepeno in EVOO:

Chopped pineapple, onions, jalapeno. Added mint, rosemarry, EVOO, and juice from lime to create salsa:

Grilled scallops and placed on top of salsa. cous cous on the side:

For dessert, grilled some peaches. Added a mixture of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice to the top:


halfed and served with vanilla ice cream, with a little more sauce drizzled on top:

I have to admit, the dinner was not near as good as I had hoped. Dessert helped ease the pain:cool:


Tri tip comfort food

Work has been a bear lately with long hours and some unexpected travel so I haven't had a chance to cook much. Things are finally calming down and I have some time to cook! First out the gate for the weekend is one of my favorites, tri tip and artichokes.

Start with a nice little tri tip


Hit it with some Double Secret


On the MAK @275, going to try it Big Poppa style tonight....


While the meat is smoking away, steam a couple of artichokes for about 30 min


Halve them, clean out the choke, hit them with some Annies Garlic EVOO and Desert Gold


Tri tip done, flipped once halfway through and pulled at 140


While the meats resting crank up the MAK to high and grill the chokes and some garlic bread



Slice the meat after a 15 minute rest


Served it up with the wifes greek style bean salad


This came out perfect and hit the spot, loved letting the tri tip ride at 275 with no sear, definitely will do that again. For me this was a perfect comfort food meal!

Now what to do on Sunday..........


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Shrimp Tacos with Anja's Habenero Lime Cheesecake

We wanted to do something lighter this weekend and Shrimp Tacos sounded great. Then our dear friends Anja and Dragan texted us about the Habenero Lime Cheesecake they had just made and it sounded awesome.

With all the peppers and tomatoes in the garden right now, I decided to make some salsa to snack on. All the ingredients were minced and then mixed with fresh squeezed lime juice and a little vegetable oil. Then off to the fridge to get happy for a while.

Next up was making the avacado salsa for the shrimp tacos. The onion, seeded jalapeno, and garlic were chopped and then finely chopped in a food processor. Then the tomatillos, avacados, and salt were added and pulsed until chunky. Sorry, should have gotten a picture of this, but you can see it on the tacos later.

While both salsa's were melding in the fridge, we started on Anja's Habenero Lime Cheesecake. Anja is renowned for making very light and fluffy cheesecakes (which btw, solves most of my complaints about cheesecake).

The graham cracker crust mixture was browned on the MAK at 325 for ~10 minutes.

Meanwhile, the filling was mixed, (sour cream, cream cheese, and sugar). As soon as the crust was browned, I cranked up the heat, removed the sear zone cover, and blistered three habeneros. The habeneros were then peeled, deseeded, and then mixed into a paste with sugar. Limes juice, lime zest, eggs, egg yolks, and heavy whipping cream were mixed in a separate bowl, then the habenero mixture was added. Then this mixture was slowly added to the rest of the filling...thoroughly mixing the habenero is essential.

The filling was poured onto the crust and the whole works boated in water on the MAK at 250 for two hours. (until the cheescake mixture is jiggly and starts to pull away from the pan).

While the cheesecake was cooking, we settled in to enjoy some chips and salsa.

Once the cheesecake was done it was moved to the fridge to cool and then we began work on the shrimp. The shrimp were peeled, deveined, rinsed, and thrown in a baggie with EVOO, chipotle powder, chile powder, and some Plowboys Jerk. Then cooked on the sear zone at 400. Next the corn tortillos were warmed on the grill and then assembly consisted of the avacado salsa, avacado chunks, a little of the tomato salsa, some corn kernels, and oh yeah, some shrimp!

The flavors were awesome, the avacado salsa could stand on its own, and we now have a new favorite shrimp seasoning combo!

After an hour the cheescake was moved to the freezer for an additional hour and then it was time to try it!

Simply awesome! Extremely light and fluffy, you can see that in the edges from the picture above. It starts off with an unbelieveably light creamy taste and then slowly the heat kicks in and warms your whole mouth. How hot was it? It was not 'feel like your lips were swelling' hot, but it was not mild either. One habenero would be plenty for those who don't like hot peppers...(but then your not making this anyway then, right?)

I liken it to the heat you get from really strong cinnamon. Or the warmth you feel in your mouth and throat while sipping a fine cognac. :D Thanks Anja!


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really nice food rip. well done partner. i would like 3 tacos and a big slice of cheese cake plz. ty. ;)
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