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Hey all. I finally broke down and bought a Treager Texas in October after a friend kept bragging how good the food was on a pellet grill. Currently it is cooking a 13# Prime rib for dinner today. First big roast I have tired. Getting a little worried, read it should take 30 minutes/# at 225 and it has already hit 125 at only 4 hours cook time. Hope it works out. Great site, very informative.



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Wow! I think I would reposition that probe or stick a thermapen to check that temp.Seems awfull high for 4 hours

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that is about right dont panic the beauty of cooking at that temp is that you will have a very low residual cook with this....let it rest and put foil on it LOOOOOOOOSELY Just let it sit on top...if the temp starts dropping then just set a dishtowel on top of the foil and dont worry


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Sorry, didnt get any pics. Turned out pretty good for my first. Cant say it was awesome or better than dad does on his Weber grill, but it was a learning experience. Would have been nice to have a practice run before the big day. Put the roast on the grill at 5:30 am (mtn time) at 225, turned the temp down to 180 at 9:30 (when I posted this thread) then down to smoke half hour later. Pulled the roast at 10:30 because the IT was 143. Foil wrapped it and set it in a cooler to rest for a little over two hours (non of the other food was ready). Cranked up the weber to 550 and set the roast in there for 10 minutes right b4 cutting. Still had some blood (juice) draining on the cutting board but not bad. Had a little smoke ring on the outer edge, would have like to see more.

In hindsight: I think I will smoke the roast for 2 to 3 hours first then crank it up the 225 for the remainder. Oh and not get up at 5 fricken am on Christmas to put it on.

Thanks for all the help on this site. If it wouldn't have been for scooters post about his PR being done at 4 hours I wouldn't have even checked mine that early. That would have been BAD. Apparently it was good enough that I have been volunteered to do baby back ribs tomorrow night and then a salmon the next.

ps: I used a blend of treager pellets (all we have in this area) 60%hickory, 40%apple, with a little mesquite thrown in. what do you use?


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Getting it right can definitely be an iterative process! Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing your results and take pics next time! :)
Welcome to the forum. It gets a little easier each time, but even the mistakes are pretty good on a pellet smoker! I use BBQ Delight Oak on prime rib.


Welcome to PelletSmoking! It won't be long until your PR is better than your Dad's! :)

And as for the getting volunteered to cook stuff, better get used to that!

On beef I use hickory and oak.
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