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OK I was going to judge this earlier today, but I had a really hard time narrowing it down to just three.

There were thirteen outstanding cooks and I do believe I'd have no trouble sitting down and eating all thirteen!

First, a couple of notes:

Wneil: Great use of leftover pulled pork. I'll be trying that sometime soon!

SmokerJoe: Forget the pasta, just wheel me up to that MAK with a spoon and some bread and let me dig into those meatballs! I don't think I've ever seen better looking Turkey Meatballs!

S.DakotaSmoker: WOW does that turkey look juicy beyond belief. Nice trial run!

Sparky: three kinds of sausages with chili? Why yes please!

Why is it that third place always seems to be the hardest one to chose?

First runner up is Deb. WOW!!!! I definitely want a slice of that stuffed pumpkin!

Now without further ado...

Third Place: PatrickCT's Greekish pork chops. Outstanding!

Second Place: Muebe's Shrimp & Avocados. Bro, you used pellets two different ways! I love it, but I think I like the food even better. I love stuffed shrimp.

First Place: I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw this:

Tanya, I think I want to come live next to your pellet grill!

Congrats to everyone who entered. It really was another great week!

Thanks to BP for sponsoring the contest. It's always a lot of fun!


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Thanks Cliff but I would have picked Deb. haha. You are all awesome cooks and I am happy I get to play and learn from you all!

Thanks to Mr Grand Royal Champ for letting us play here!


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Excellent cook Tanya. I had yours picked for #1 before TH posted. Another great weekend of cooks everyone. I'm gonna have to pick up my game to come close to any of you.


Patrick_CT said:
Thanks Cliff but I would have picked Deb. haha.

Trust me, I agonized all day long over which of the two of you would get third place and 1st runner up. Your stuffing had good combo of simple ingredients, not to mention the colors, that just really appealed to me. Really, very nicely done my friend!

Salmonsmoker said:
I'm gonna have to pick up my game to come close to any of you.

You are doing just fine. You just keep cooking, experimenting and entering. I guarantee your time will come and I don't think it will be long!

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Thanks TH for judging and BP for letting us play.

I got lucky this week - sometimes new recipes just don't work out like planned, this time around it did and it was so yummy!! I will share the recipe on the post in the gallery. There is always so many ideas of great meals in these contest, everyone seems to creative!!
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