Frozen Pig Fun


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After what seemed like an eternity last night replacing the hotrod in my Traeger, I decided to keep it running an start some butts.

Buttcicles that is..


Rubbed up with CYM and some Butt Rub that someone from another forum sent me. (good stuff, dude!)


My fingers were completely numb, but I did get a shot before I put them to bed. (it was in the 20's here last night)


Welding blanket on, Traeger set at 225 P0. More like 250° with some higher spikes.

Exactly 12 hours later..


All read 200-ish with my Thermapen, so out they came.
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Real nice color and bark from that rub.


3 butts a steamin'!


I can't leave a hot smoker just sitting there, so I rummaged through the freezer a bit.

Omaha Steaks spiral sliced ham. Why not.


I'm letting it ride on 'smoke' for an hour, then I'll go hit it with some CT and rub, and put some wine and water in that pan.

More to come...


STC, you just ain't right! Those butts look good. Wait until you guys see what STC does with his world famous "Turkey Boulders". I have made them and they are good!


That's a lot of really good looking pork there... Need some help eating it?

Good to know I'm not the only one who stocks up on shoulders in the freezer!


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Boulders are coming tomorrow! They take about 6 hours, and we've got somewhere to be later this afternoon/evening. I'll do some small stuff today, then pull/vacpak that pork after lunch.


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That's a lot of really good looking pork there... Need some help eating it?

Good to know I'm not the only one who stocks up on shoulders in the freezer!

It's for a charity auction package I donated for my wife's school.

10 pound pulled pork
10 pounds brisket
8 pound turkey breast roast
3 racks ribs

We auctioned off 2 of those packages for a very generous $900! So I'm starting on the cooks this weekend.

I got those butts this summer when they were 89-99 cents/lb. (the turkey and ribs were on sale as well) They've been living in a friend's freezer. (still have 3 more butts and 2 more turkey boulders hiding at his place)


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Back to the ham... I changed my mind.

I glazed it.


With some of this.. (got it from a friend down in Georgia, along with some sassafras wood chunks I'm looking forward to trying out)


Put some red wine in the pan and bumped the heat to 200°, and we'll just let it go for 3 or 4 hours.


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First installment bagged up in 2 pound portions (had a 1.25 pound straggler), and going into the fridge to cool. I wrecked my last Foodsaver sucking too much moisture in it, so I won't vacseal these until tomorrow morning.


We're meeting one of the auction winners tonight for drinks - they get a bonus 1 lb bag in advance. :D


I ended up with 12.5 pounds of pulled pork from 24 pounds of butts. And a lot of fat/fluid in my drip bucket... I'm thinking these things were 'juiced' to get the weight up a bit.
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