GrillGrates on a Memphis Advantage?


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I am thinking of buying some GrillGrates for my Memphis Advantage pellet grill. While this grill has the direct flame insert, I am tired of the dance of screaming hot grill parts involved to swap it out for searing a steak after smoking for a reverse sear. I also think that the GrillGrates with the flat side up may give me a better sear and get to temp quicker.

Anyone here using GrillGrates on a Memphis pellet grill?

Also, I am wondering about what size to use. On the GrillGrates web site, they have a "sear station" for the Memphis Beale Street (GrillGrate Sear Station for Memphis Beale Street - GrillGrate). I think the cooking grate dimensions for the Beale Street match the Advantage. However, the grates are 17.375" deep. This will completely cover the existing grates from front to back, for 15.375" of their width (total width of cooking area is about 25"). I have read in a few places about concerns with blocking air flow in a pellet grill using the GrillGrates. Should I use the 17.375" grates or go down to the 16.25" or maybe even the 15" grates?

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it really depends on how much surface area you need to cook. I think grill grates are fine with pellet cookers I would see if covering haldf the grill will get you what you want when you cover the entire surface you are affecting the airflow
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