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Guinea Pig 2


Better then last year.
My Wife and I competed on One BPS Drum. Our timing wasn't exact and the carry over cooking may have got us a tad overdone. This is such a fun event to know when you sign up how much you are going to spend,plus a tank of gas and one double bag of Kingsford. For a team that finished DAL overall, I cannot express how much fun this is and we can't wait for the Guinea Pig 3. In the last few months life has occupied our BBQ time, This was literally a Oasis in the Desert for us. Thank You Big Poppa for all you do!

Thanks to the Mission Hills Country Club for having us all there.
I think the competitors this year understand and embrace what Sterling is doing with the Guinea Pig. Having a fixed cost and the meat supplied is what allows us to compete. The meat was as good as anything I would have picked up at the store or RD. Big thanks to Annella at Snake River Farms for the briskets.
To be able to compete with teams that are just new like us and experienced winning teams like Left Coast,Harry Soo, Loot N Booty BBQ,Simply Marvelous BBQ and or neighbors at the comp Woodhouse Barbecue and Porketeers is priceless.
The Crew or Fantastic Four from Big Poppa Smokers:Holly,James Jessie and Jody. We thank you!
Being a new team we get the scores from the judges that can come with comment cards. Thanks to them for being so professional with their constructive and helpful remarks.
Here are a few photos from the event





My Partner in Life and BBQ






The Bus is a totaling self contained BBQ Comp Machine. Everything is in the bus






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It looks like there was a lot of fun to be had, and oh man it looks so warm and sunny!

So why is it called the Guinea Pig? There has to be a good back story to that.
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