Guinea Pig 2016


Doing some practice for the Guinea Pig 2016 competition. Needing some practice, worked on Ribs and some Chicken . Only have photos of the ribs. Rub is sweet money sauce is IPO.
The ribs need a little heat in the flavor profile. The chicken the skin not bite through yet.


Cooked on a BPS Drum. The Guinea Pig is such a cool contest where your entry covers everything including all the meat.
Here is a photo of myself from last year with our box of meat. Also in the picture is one great Chicken BBQ Chef


The Brisket out of the box


Because of this all our practice meat. We walk into Costco or Sams and pick the first package we see. So far none have been as good as what i remember cooking last year. thanks to Big Poppa Smokers for this event.


Feb 19-20. I did practice eating them. They were good if you were serving at a party.Not good enough for the one bite test. If more contest used this format I know we would compete more. It is easy to budget for..


Awards start in about 30 minutes. View live on periscope app. We had a great time and will be interesting to see how we did compared to the world class talent of teams here. Search Instagram and Facebook for photos from the teams.


We just returned home from participating in the Guinea Pig 3 BBQ Competition. We have had the good fortune to take part in all three of these comps.
This novel concept is necessary all across BBQ America. Your entry fee covers all costs which includes the meat you cook. Thanks to @Smithfieldfoods we had extra tender pork butts and ribs. Annella from @snakeriverfarms supplied the brisket. It was Waygu this year and such a treat for us.
When you have a level playing field and know that all of the participating teams surrounding you are cooking the same quality meat, with the same timeline to prep and cook, you are able to compare yourself against BBQ Champions.
The fun starts Friday with meat hand out. It is followed by Kids Q competiton (hamburgers) then the #snakeriverfarms weenie roast and pot luck where all the teams join together.
We all know or have heard of teams that cook 3 premium briskets and take 6 slices from the best. That meat cost along makes the fix cost competition promoter supplied meat a necessity.
This is an honest to goodness KCBS event with real BBQ pros. Go to the KCBS site and see the teams that competed and take note of the purse. Teams came from all over to compete.
Thanks to Big Poppa Smokers and his team for putting these events on. When one comes anywhere near you be sure to sign up. It would be nice to see this concept sweep the nation so more new BBQ Teams and families could join in the fun. As someone who has judged BBQ contests I truly believe until you participate in one, you will never understand the effort and dedication the teams and the event planners put forth to makes these happen. Only then will you marvel over someone like the “Lady of Q” (Sylvie) who was the Grand Champion at the Guinea Pig 3 and did it all herself.











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