As usual there was no shortage of great food making the judging difficult :cool:.

I'll leave comments for the other entries in the gallery section where many of these cooks have already been re-posted. If you haven't re-posted your entry, then please do so other's can comment as well! :cool:

Well, here we go.

3rd place - Rip. I liked the whole cook including dessert, but it was the toasted Bruschetta appetizer topped with the tomato & fresh mozzarella that really caught my eye.

2nd place - Dan (bflodan). Three kinds of meat and roasted taters (in duck fat). What a feast and I really like how you pulled the chicken (like pork) and made sammies. That was very creative my friend (and they looked really appetizing too!).

But there was one entry that I kept going back to, wishing I could be there to in person to sample. it was...

1st Place - Chili Heads Italian Pork. Man did those sandwiches look good. I would've loved sinking my teeth into a big sandwich full of that juicy looking pork with the buns dipped in the broth!

BTW - Welcome home for the holidays Kevin! I loved the appetizers and miss seeing your posts. The ones with the cubed steak reminded me of mini wellingtons. And how about a big welcome to DAZ! Great looking fatties - keep on entering & posting!

Thanks again to Big Poppa for the weekly playground!


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Congrats to the winners. Lots of great looking food....... and since i personally got to sample one entry I can tell you that the little mini wellingtons were great!


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Congrats to Chili and Dan! Great cooks again this week. Thanks Cliff, and of course, BP.


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Congrats to all the winners. Again, some really great looking food was entered. Too bad the budget doesn't allow for the "judge" to travel to each place to actually "taste" each entry.



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I know I am late with this cook and it won't count, but with the Badgers in the Rose Bowl today is my holiday. I grilled a 8 pound prime rib made Wisconsin style (2 lb cuts). It was so good I have to share. It is too bad because I would have had bonus points for the snow!

Here is a picture of all of the spices I used for the light rub.
View attachment 1107
Here is the nice 8 lb prime rib all seasoned and ready for the grill.
View attachment 1104
It was about 21 degrees outside, with a fresh inch of snow.
View attachment 1106
Here is the prime rib after is rest for awhile.
View attachment 1105
Here in Wisconsin we eat meat in large portions. I have 4 guys over for the game and we destroyed all that meat in about 20 mins.
View attachment 1108
It's halftime now and the game has been a shoot out! 8 combined touchdowns by halftime... On Wisconsin!

Chili Head

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WOW thank you Tenthunter!
Congrats to Rip and Dan!

Awesome entries this week! I didn't see anything I didn't want to try! Especially Kevin's bacon wrapped pizza rolls!
I'll be doing those with a slice of jalapeño real soon! :D

Thanks for judging Tenthunter and thanks BigPoppa for hosting this for us!


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Congrats Chili and Rip!! Alot of great lookin cooks this week!! That judging is tough, thanks Tent and thanks BP for making it happen!
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