Ham For Christmas


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My wife bought a 10lb Pre-cooked spiral cut ham.

BPS Mussini's Balsamic w/coffee for glue and Plowboy's Yardbird. On to the MAK at 225 for about 4 hours, then up to 300 until IT140, and baste twice with a Maple Syrup based glaze (dilute the syrup with a little water and add some Soileau's cajun for a little kick). Oh yeah, cooked over a pan of water, (thanks Squirt)

The spiral cuts really helped with smoke absorption, everyone raved about the flavor!

This morning the kitchen is filled with the aroma of Ham & Bean soup in the crockpot!
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Oh yeah! I think I have a little one in the freezer that will take that same route.. Last one dried out on me, but I think I'll start out low and then put the spurs to it like you did.


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Thanks everyone! Yeah, this was a total keeper...at first my wife was not happy it was taking soooo long, after all, she's used to wrapping them in foil in the oven at 350. (my bad, I under-guestimated by about an hour how long it would take...and then lost another 30 minutes to igniter failure)! But in the end she (and everyone else) raved about how good it was! (even the vegans in the crowd conceded it looked pretty good :) )


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Ham and bean soup is my goto new years day meal. Add a little cornbread, a little college football and life is grand!
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