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Hello all, Last May was my 5th year cooking for our rural volunteer fire departments annual BBQ. I asked my wife to bring home some wine making oak to add to the BBQ to flavor the meat, well she took the pickup truck to work and came home with the bed overflowing with this oak. Since we had an abundance of oak I used for cooking fuel and kept some more oak soaking to cool things down when the fire got to hot. Well people were raving about how good the food was. Every year is the same recipe and pretty much the same crowd, the only difference was the fuel. I was talking about this with a friend and he suggested that it would make good BBQ pellets and so here we are.

Right now we have a pilot production plant on our ranch and are just starting to market our product. Perhaps a little more discussion of what it is might be helpful. When wine is made in stainless steel tanks and oak flavors are needed, typically French White Oak that has been carefully toasted is added to the tank. While the oak is imparting its flavors to the wine, the wine is also imparting its flavor to the oak. After the wine is removed from the tank Wine Country BBQ collects this oak and makes BBQ pellets out of it.

These dark brown pellets add a rich flavor to foods cooked over it and the toasting that was done to the oak, before wine making, removes some of the harsh flavors that can come with smoking foods. All that said, I am a newbe on the pellet scene and am here to both improve my cooking with this fuel and learn how to make the best cooking pellets available.



CookinPellets sometimes has unique pellets - maybe 1-2 years ago they got hold of discarded oak wine barrels, not just the stuff used in the SS tank method of wine making. They sold 40 lb bags of wine barrel pellets, and they were wonderful for smoked pork and beef meats. It must have been a very limited run as I have not seen them sold in the last year or so. If you have the idea of doing this, maybe Big Poppa would offer a distribution deal. Cannot hurt to ask.
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