Hey lets have a contest!

Big Poppa

Ok we have one every week but lets all enter!

first place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 to everybody else

bring it ooooonnnnnnnn!!!!


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Just Damn!

Might have a problem here because I cannot imagine a more satisfying meal than this was. So here we go.

Grilled dry aged ribeye with lobster thermidor and a ceaser salad.
Thermidor sauce. The players




Precook the lobster



Make the sauce, add the lobster, more cheese and buttered breadcrumbs on top.


Season the steak and to room temp.


Mak to 400

Thermidor and steak on the Mak.


All done. A little compound butter on the steak and a ceaser salad to top it off. And of course a cocktail!

Talk to me!






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Smoked Mongolian Beef

This meal all started out because of what I got in my bountiful basket this week. Here was the basket.

I had never cooked with Bok Choy or Napa Cabbage before so I needed to get some ideas going. A friend had sent me a recipe for P.F. Chang's Mongolian Beef a couple of days later and after reading it and the reviews I knew this was a must try and I could incorporate a bunch of the basket goodies.

Started with a Tri Tip all trimmed up.

Put the Tri Tip on early in the morning with the Yoder off and just the tube smoker going with Oak pellets. Smoked for about 2 hours and then got wrapped and into the fridge to rest until dinner time.

Fast forward to early evening and getting everything ready. The veggies.....

Chopped diced and set aside.

Put the Tri Tip in the freezer to make the slicing a little easier.

Once sliced I thought this was the perfect time to break out our new toy - the meat tumbler!! Took the sliced Tri Tip coated it in cornstarch and added the marinade; soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and fish sauce.


Meanwhile getting the sauce ready. Soy sauce, water, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger. Bring to a boil and let thicken then removed from the heat.

Next was to heat up some oil and cook the Tri Tip briefly, you don't need a thorough cooking here because it will get added back to the skillet later with all the veggies. (Sorry no pics here)

Veggie time - cook the peppers and onions a few minuets.

Next added the rest of the veggies in... some Bok Choy, Napa Cabbage, snow peas, and mushrooms.

All in together!

While the above was going on, the egg rolls were getting happy on the Yoder!

Finally all done and plated up! Smoked Mongolian Beef, egg rolls, brown rice, and some sweet and sour sauce.

This is a KEEPER!! Wonderful flavor and the Tri Tip was incredible in this dish.


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Pulled pork
Started with a 6 pound pork shoulder at 8:00 am smoking at about 200 degrees.
Red cabbage coleslaw vinegar based
Made a homemade Carolina style sauce that was great. Forgot to take pictures. You can see a bit on the finished sandwich.
Pulled the pork off at 6:30 pm with an IT of 195.
Turned out great




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Chicken Thighs

Some boneless/skinless and skinless thighs

Marinated the boneless ones in Carolina Treet

Rubbed with "salt lick" clone - 3/3/1/1 Kosher Salt/Pepper/Granulated Garlic/Cayenne Pepper

On the MAK 2 star @350F with BD Pecan pellets







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Stuffed Mushroom and Swiss Buffalo Burger

Started by sauteing some fresh mushrooms for the stufz burgers. Forgot to get the prep pictures so you will have to wait to see the inside of the burger at the end.


All stuffed, you will just have to believe me.


Seasoned with Tatonka Dust


Onto the Yoder to smoke at 150º with oak pellets for an hour.


Once they were smoked, removed them from the grill and fired the Yoder up to 325º.

Burgers almost done so added the buns on to get toasted.


Some cheese on the outside of the burger as well.


There may have been a few too many beers involved and I didn't watch the buns close enough.


Burgers topped with a mushroom gravy sauce and a side of jalapeno crunch chips.


Close up of the gravy.


Money shot of the inside. Hard to beat a great mushroom and swiss buffalo burgers.

Thanks for looking!


Mixed grill tonight

Tri tip and Chipotle sausages on the BPS drum, and on the MAK went chicken, asparagus and baked taters.

Tritip was vacuum tumble marinated in Chaka's Zesty marinade for 20 minutes then coated with Sriracha and rubbed with Butchers Steak & Brisket rub. The chicken got a coating of EVOO and Blue Star Seasoning. The aparagus was coated with EVOO and Desert Gold.

Asparagus and taters on the MAK

Tender and juicy on the inside, carmelized on the outside!

Asparagus is done

Cutting board cam!

Plated! The asparagus got sprinkled with lemon zest.

What happened to the chicken?? It got shredded and made into a tortellini pepperoncini chicken salad with cherry tomatoes, spinach, basil, red onion, capers, pinquito beans and parmesan cheese. This will be for nice cool lunches the rest of the week as the outside heat picks up.

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Beef Short Ribs - Surf & Turf Style

Beef Short Ribs with Savory Shrimp & Rice

I've had a hankering for some beef ribs, so a short trip to the butcher landed me some nice big & fat short ribs. A little seasoning & onto the MAK low & slow for a couple hours with Black Walnut smoke.

Foil with a little of my favorite beef braising liquid: 1/4 cup each - Brown Sugar, Cider Vinegar & Beer. Wrap 'em up tight & bump the heat up to 325° for a good 1 1/2 hours.

Build the Savory Shrimp & Rice dish: A little Olive Oil, Butter, minced Onion & Garlic. Add the rice & let it toast a bit. Add some salad shrimp, Beef Broth, Parsley & Little Louie's garlic salt. Bring just to a boil.

Ribs out of the foil & back on to finish while the rice cooks with a kiss of smoke.

Time to eat!

Plated up & served with some homemade BBQ sauce over top.

The shrimp & rice had a silky texture & a savory beef flavor. YUM!!!

Another craving satisfied. :)

Thanks for looking!
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WOW! What a great week of cooks. You Guys and Gals are really killing me on my first time judging.
Here are the players

RickB - Ribeye & Lobster Thermidor
Tatonka3A2 - Smoked Mongolian Beef
51Phantom - Pulled Pork
FLBentRider - Chicken Thighs
MossyMO - Stuffed Mushroom & Swiss Burger
Scooter - Tri Tip , sausage, Smoked Chicken Salad
TentHunter - Beef Short Ribs with Shrimp Rice

There were seven contestants that showcase their cooking talents and here are the WINNERS!

3rd Place - TentHunter (Beef Short Ribs with Shrimp Rice)
2nd Place - Scooter (Tri Tip, Sausage and Smoked Chicken Salad)
1st Place - RickB (Ribeye & Lobster Thermidor)

Man this judging thing is really hard. I wanted to pick everyone first place. Congratulations to all the cooks, you are all all winners and great cooks.
Thanks to BP for everything

Big Poppa

yeah but we need more people entering! Great work once again....I just judged from my armchair and the MossyMo Tatonka domestic challenge was won by Tatonka by an eyelash! ahahahah


I have to say as food pics go, that fork load of gooey lobster thermador is as good as it gets! Rick, you rocked it this weekend my friend. Congrats to Rick and Tent and all the pitmasters on PS.com that present their cooks for judging. A nice mix of classic and out of the box cooks this week.

Thank you Scott for your first shot at judging and to BP for providing the stage and trophies.


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Congrats everyone! There was some great looking meals for sure. BP that was a close race between Marty and I... but I won for technical difficulty and the most dishes used for sure! Marty may have won by most beers consumed!! LOL


Man this judging thing is really hard.

Yes it is. Even though there weren't a ton of entries, I think this is one of the best weeks of stiff competition I have seen in a while, and you did a fine job!

scooter said:
I have to say as food pics go, that fork load of gooey lobster thermador is as good as it gets!
I'd have to agree!

And I don't mind saying Marty's Mushroom & Swiss buffalo burger money shot was pretty good too! It had cheese oozing out & everything. Then there's 51Phantoms pulled pork sammie with the red cabbage slaw... JAW DROPPING FOOD PORN SHOT!!!

Congrats Rick & scooter!


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I have to agree with Tent and Scott. What a bunch of excellent cooks. Not many but they were all grade AAA. Thanks for the call Scott and congrats to Scoot and Tent. Thannks BP for playground. It never gets old and and I enjoy it every time I get to participate. Great cooks everyone!

Poor Scott, talk about a baptism by fire! Trust me Scott after that week your next one has to be easier!
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Scooter that chicken looks great and the tritip just about perfect..but I got honest with ya. I wouldbe on that sausage like white on rice! Nice meal!
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