Hey lets have the contest include todays Thanksgiving meal!

Meat Man

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Last Turkey Leftover Sandwich

Been having leftover turkey sandwiches since Thursday. This was by far my favorite, toasted brown bread, cheddar cheese, mayo, some of our comp BBQ sauce, and a big ole pile of smoked turkey breast with some BBQ Fritos. Yum!



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We have been away a lot and turkey day is always very traditional at other family members.. has not changed since before I can remember nor are they open for suggestions.. oh well

We needed a break from the turkey stuff so made spicy mini meatloaves. Seasoned with double secret steak, some fire salt chipolte flakes and Garlic Dude Dust then added hot cherry pepper slices on top and then some bacon.

Made a side of beans to go with them. Simple recipe using Bushes as a starting point. Drained off the liquid and added some BBQ sauce, arizona heat mustard and some Texas Rib Candy. Threw in a couple extra pieces of bacon for good measure.

All in the MAK at 275 until the IT of 160 then into the warming box for a little bit to rest.



Plated with some steamed carrots:

We really likes the rib candy in the beans gave it an extra pop that was really nice!

Chili Head

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Stay tuned! I haven't forgot
To judge! Been a crazy day and I'm at work now. I'll get it done before I go to bed..before you wake up on the morning!

Chili Head

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Dang y'all eat gooood during the holidays!

First off I want to thank you all for playing this week! Especially the newer members! Outstanding job everyone!
The players:
FLB-rib roast
Wing commander-chicken cordon bleu
Scallywag-Spanish style stew
Midnighter-chicken leg quarters
Patrick_ct-mini meat loaves

Tough decisions this week. I saw something from everyone I liked and some ideas I'm going to try!

Third place - Cowdog!
Your brined turkey looked great! Plus you nailed it on the first try..well done!
I liked your bacon wrapped green beans too! I'll be making those soon.
Your plated picture looked great! Very inviting and presented well. Good job!

Second place - FLBENTRIDER!
That rib roast looks awesome! I'm more of a steak guy but I've gotta try the rib roast now.
I like your onion with the bullion cube in the center with butter..I never would have thought of that. I bet it was good!
WOW what a great looking plate with the prime rib,corn,veggies,potatoes and a roll. I'm drool'n!
And you got dessert too! The pumpkin roll and pie woulda sent me into a food coma after eating that meal but it woulda been
Worth it! Very nice indeed!

First place - Meatman
My god man! That dark colored turkey looks award winning! You should frame a picture of that!
I wanna do a Fred Flintstone and pick it up whole and just start taking bites out of it!
Awesome pic of the family! That plate of food..with the turkey,ham,stuffing,potatoes,asparagus,whew..the cranberries,sweet potatoes with marshmallows,and a roll..I'm stuffed just talking about it! A true holiday feast!

Thanks everyone for participating! The more people play the more we learn!

Thanks BP for what you do for us!


Congrats Meat Man, FLBR and Cowdog! And a special mention to Cowdog and fishingbouchman for first turkeys on your pellet cookers! And to all who submitted an entry! Yet another strong week of cooks!

Thanks BP for the stage and trophies that make this contest fun!
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