hey the contest is on! fire it up and win some bbq stuff!

Big Poppa

come on newbies knock the regulars down a notch! you cant win if you dont enter

First Place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa SMokers
Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 store credit to all other entrants!


New Contest Rule - Please Read

After careful consideration, the following has been added to the contest rules:

5) PLEASE limit photos (actual attachments or "" codes) to no more than 12 per entry.

[I]Tip: Composite photos (a collage of smaller pics) take up less room and only count as one photo.[/I]

Thanks, and happy cooking!
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Flank Steak

Flank Steaks

four Flank steaks
Add BP Double Secret Steak Rub

On MAK 2 Star #106 on HIGH with BD Black Walnut pellets






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Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa and Spring Veggies

Marinate the pork with some made in Jamaican seasoning.


Get some corn ready to grill.


Make some Salsa.


Get some asparagus ready for the grill.


Corn on.


Cook at 350 on the Mak for 45 minutes

Pork on



Cook till a it of 140 and tent for 10 minutes.

Asparagus on.


Some fresh tomatoe and avocado. Top with the jerk pork. Add some salsa. Corn and asparagus. Let’s eat





Chicken and Country Style Ribs.
Rubbed Chicken with Mayo and seasoned with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine

Seasoned Country Style Ribs the night before with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine

My own Baked Beans

On to the MAK set at smoke for 30 mins. then cranked up to 400 F. I later foiled Ribs with some Apple Juice. Took Chicken off when IT reached 165 F. After approx. 45 mins. I took Ribs out of foil, sauced and back on the MAK.

Chicken and Ribs turned out excellent! :)

Chicken, Country Style Ribs, Baked Beans and Pasta Salad

Enjoy! :cool:


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Dry Aged Ribeyes and Lobster Tails

Went to the freezer for Saturday nights meal – had been craving lobster tails for some time and they were screaming my name from the freezer!

Seasoned with Tatonka Dust and smoked using charcoal pellets for an hour and ½ with no heat.

Caught the wind at the right time and it looks like smoky heaven!! Steaks are smoking along with some mushrooms with butter and garlic.

Prepped the lobster tails with some Seafood Splash and melted butter.

Once they were smoked I removed them from the grill and fired it up to 550°. Getting a quick sear for a couple of mins per side.

Next up the lobster tails, toast, and to cook the mushrooms.



We were so hungry that I forgot to get a money shot. It was excellent and exactly what I had been craving!!
Cooking for myself Saturday night, so that means lamb or something else the family doesn't like. Tried a different recipe from the food network website. Rack of Lamb with Mint-Basil Pesto. Sounded a bit different, but the pesto was fantastic (if you like mint!).

I have also seen some recent questions about what MAK add-ons to get. I tried to use a few....the top rack (I would get two halves instead of single like I have, but either way a must), MAK griddle (a must for flexibility and creativity), and the M-2 armored probe. I also used a Maverick E-732 (reading matched the MAK probe), and an ultrafast lime green Thermapen (the internal temperature authority in my book).

For the pesto, here are the ingredients:

Called for toasted walnuts...I smoked some chopped walnuts for a while:

Didn't take any pictures of chopping all of the ingredients or putting them in the food processor, but you will see the end result. Next, started on the potatoes. Here are the ingredients, but also used EVOO:

Put on the top rack of the MAK:

Seasoned a Rack of Lamb from Costco with BPS Desert Gold. MAK had been preheating at 400°F, and added some EVOO to the griddle. Seared the rack on each side. The side facing the grill was seasoned much more heavily:

Flipped after about 4 minutes, with the rack on the griddle and the potatoes on the top shelf:

After 4 more minutes on the rib side, moved to top rack and inserted M-2 Armored probe to monitor internal temperature:

Pulled at IT of 140°F (about 5°F higher than I wanted to). Let rest 15 minutes and cut between bones:

Picture is not the best, but done a tad more than I prefer. Then plated up with potatoes, adding the pesto to the top of each lollipop. Served with a fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil salad. These were the best potatoes I have made on the MAK. Not sure if it was the sweet onion, the LLw/P, or the length of time I cooked them, but I hope I can repeat it! I am one who cooks by feel and does not keep logs. Probably a mistake!

This was really good, and the mint makes it a wonderful summer type meal.

Thanks for looking!

Big Poppa

The contest has been great and a good value for all involved but we are down to just a few diehards entering and I will be having it from time to time for awhile to see if that improves the participation. It will be on next week and we will go from there


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Been working weekends so can't cook until mon tue or Wednesday. Can I post those cooks. Otherwise I can't participate but every few weeks.
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