Holiday Beef Summer Sausage - DONE!


One more part of the gift packs done...

Some Summer Sausage seasoning mix...

15 lbs of 73/27 Ground Beef (The extra fat works well for this).

Rick (nepas) turned me on to using muslin casings a few years ago and I and love 'em! They're economical and have a lot of rustic appeal. This year I decided to get a little fancier with them since they're for gift packs.

The Mrs. cut & sewed them up on her surger (thank you sweetie!) and I had a custom rubber stamp made (the ink is non-toxic archival ink).

The large ones (2 3/4" diameter X 10" long) will hold about 2 pounds. The smaller ones (1 1/4" D. X 8" L.) hold about 6 oz.


I left enough in between each space for smoke to get to all sides. Them racks were full. 15 lbs of Summer Sausage + there was a 2 lb chub of peperoni on the back rack.

I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

Thanks for looking. :)

Now on to the smoky cheese spread & smoked nuts...
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Patrick_CT said:
Next years goal is to get into sausage making. Are these easy to stuff?

They're no different than stuffing regular fibrous casings. Once you start getting into sausage making, you won't want to buy store bought anymore.


Hey Tent, was wondering if when you remove the fabric after drying, does the stamp show up on the meat itself?


Thanks everyone!

Hey Tent, was wondering if when you remove the fabric after drying, does the stamp show up on the meat itself?

Scooter, no sign of the stamp at all on the meat! :)

I looked at different inks and settled on "Ranger - Archival Ink". It's water proof, permanent (so it wouldn't run), and most importantly, non-toxic. There's just enough ink to make an impression, but not not enough to soak through the fabric.

I am super happy with the results.


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Cliff you skill in charcutarie is most impressive. I cant wait to have the time to try this myself.


Ten hunter, if you have the time in the new year I would like to do a step by step on your sausage making.

It's a great adventure. I feel like I've learned so much, yet there's so much more to learn.

I've started to piece together a "Sausage Making 101" thread, I'll do my best to get it done soon.
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