Hot-Smoked Italian Sausage


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Bought some fresh Italian sausage from SAMs Club and was wanting to do something different with them. Then I remembered that TentHunter was the sausage guru on this site, so I pm'd him to get some suggestions. He graciously got back to me with what to do and what not to do. Here is my attempt to follow his advice.

Pricked each one with a sterile needle about every inch to allow better smoke penetration and to prevent them from steaming internally. Put on the rack ready to go in GMGDB. Thermometer in one sausage and another hung just below the rack to monitor GMG temp.

Had both the Amazen Tube and the GMG both going. Temp set at 175.
Here they are shortly after getting started.

After 3 hrs. Temp reading 151.

Took all but 6 off and immediately put into ice water to keep from fatting out and to get them below the danger zone temp.

On the drying rack ready for the refer.

Packaged with Foodsaver and ready for the freezer.

Turned the temp to 225 for the other six to get to internal temp of 165. These are for dinner tonite. Then into ice water.

The crooked one didn't make it that far. Couldn't resist.

After they were completely cooled.

These were very good. I want to thank TentHunter for being so generous as to give me all the advice. The procedure is a slight modification of his.


Great job Frank. They sure do look good, and you got that nice deep smoke ring going almost to the center.

I want to thank TentHunter for being so generous as to give me all the advice.

That's what the forum is about. More than once have I gotten great advice and learned from other members! :)
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It is looking so beautiful and hope it will be very delicious to eat. But one thing you avoided, that is the price of this delicious food. Please mention the price.


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LS, I honestly don't remember how much it cost at SAMs. Pellets are about 68 cents a pound and I don't think I used over 3 pounds. Sorry I can't be of more help
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