How bout a shout out to .............


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Just got off the phone with Jessie, what a sweetheart, had a few questions on my order and she explained to me what was going on, and just all around a pleasure to talk to. Oh and she remembered my name when I said it for the memorial day coupon credit.

BP you need to give her a pat on the back and a "Good Job"



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i agree. give jessie a raise. she is a complete pleasure to work with every single time i call her. she knows my name and always with a howdy on the phone. i say raise for jessie and a payed trip to hawaii. :) who got your back girlfriend. ;)


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I had some issues with the new web site today and Jessie was just the best! She took my order over the phone and was a total pro. Didn't give me a hard time about my lack of computer skills either. lol. I totally agree with the above comments!


At the Johnny Trigg class we got to meet a lot of the BPS people including Jessie. All the ones I met were great people, very nice. BP hires good folk.


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(I'm blushing)
Working for Big Poppa makes it super easy to be friendly and helpful all of the time :)
And another THANK YOU to all of our great customers who are always a pleasure to chat with, you all keep me on my toes!
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