How did you season go


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How did your season go

Just wondering how everyone out there feels about how their season went, did you meet or exceed your expectations? We feel pretty good about our season we would have loved to have done better and are really looking forward to next year with higher expectations.
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We cooked less this year than the previous (lack of sponsorship)... but with two less GC's we still got our Jack Draw! Winning pork there really capped the year for us. We started the year with our first 180 in chicken; and a GC at Smokin' on Big Creek. So even though we cooked less, and had less overall wins. We had some huge successes, and are very happy with our year. I hope we can do well next year, We will have the butt to butt, chest to chest, and hopefully some other excitement along the way! (including a visit by BPS)

Matt Dalton

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Well we had a hell of a most of you guys know we took CBBQA rookie of the year!..still looking for that first grand is a little recap of our season

Bakersfield 1st brisket,2nd ribs,8th pork(RGC)54 teams
Costa Mesa(19th overall)57 teams
Santa Maria 1st brisket,2nd pork,8th chicken(RGC)26 teams
Vista 6th pork(18th overall)45 teams
Harrah's 1st brisket,4th pork(7th overall)29 teams
Mesquite 3rd ribs,7th chicken(6th overall)47 teams
Lancaster 1st pork,4th chicken(3rd overall)30 teams
Golden Acorn 3rd pork,8th brisket(5th overall)25 teams
Wildomar#1 2nd brisket,3rd ribs(3rd overall)45 teams
Wildomar#2 7th pork(14th overall)43 teams

here is a pic of the hardware


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Congrats Matt!! Once you get the consistency down (which it looks like you have :)), your Grand will come.

We got 6 RGCs the year before we got our first GC. Bet you get it this year.;)

Matt Dalton

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Thanks Kim!..yeah it's been that darn chicken that has kept us from getting it but thats the meat we will work on the most,that and just hitting all the right tables in the same day helps a lot as I'm sure you!


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Well if everything works out right, in the next month or so.... we may have something you can try to help with that chicken. :)


Great job everyone!
I am told Smokin Yankees took 1st in chicken for CBBQA 2010 (on the MAK of coarse :) ).
I have said it before, that competition cooking is a lot of work, be proud!
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