I almost forgot Tent is the judge this week!

Big Poppa

Less than six entries $10 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
second prize Big Poppa Hoodie
Third Prize Big Poppa Apron

Enter your pellet smoked creations. Dont be shy!

If we can beef this up to twelve or more I will increase the prizes!


Bring on the Christmas smoked goodies! Lets all enter and make it really hard on me to pick a winner this week. Nothing is too fancy or too simple. Just give me lots of entries to choose from :)!


Simple cheap Fish

Went to the RD and got a box of Swai fillets. The fillets end up being 70 cents a piece at 2 bucks a pound. Brush the fillets with a Asian BBQ sauce for glue and then sprinkle with lemon butter seasoning and panko bead crumbs. The zucchini was put in a ziploc bag with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and cowtown general seasoning for 30 minutes at the most. Both grilled on grill grates at 350º.
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Here's my entry........

a use for leftover prime rib........

I cooked a prime rib on the Traeger yesterday , it was almost 9 lbs......... I was very happy with how it came out but somehow I missed getting any pictures of it . This is what the leftovers look like this morning....


the picture is actually a little washed out and it is rarer than it looks

I had some leftover herbed pie crust dough in the freezer..... unthawed then patted it out into a circle


spread horseradish cream sauce on the pie crust (thanks for the recipe 5 hole!)


leftover prime rib on top of that

caramelized onions and some bacon bits (the onions were caramelized in the bacon drippings from the bits, remember the bacon ends from the bacon i made last week, good use for them)


Then some cheese on the top, this is a local cheese, it's soft like montery jack , mellow but earthy tasting, it goes great with the beef..... unfortunately it isn't a melty, gooey cheese but the taste will be worth the unmelted look.


after about 10 minutes in the pellet grill




plated with more horseradish cream sauce


a very awesome day after Christmas lunch!


Azorean Sopas

Been wanting to try making Azorean Sopas (soup) for awhile now. This is a traditional dish typically served at Portuguese Festas (festivals), my wife is part Portuguese and this is the recipe her grandma used. Typically it involves boiling a tough cut of beef along with everything else, but I wanted to do something different, so I smoked the meat then made the soup.

Here we go:

Got a 5lb chuck roast and rubbed it down with Carolina Treet and Plowboys Bovine, was looking for maximum bark.



Onto the smoker @225 while I go to bed!


Foiled @ 140 (forgot the before shot but it was on smoke for about 6 hours) and pulled at 200 and left it rest for an hour.


Pulled into large chunks for the soup


Now the soup:

Put meat, garlic, tomato sauce, onion, celery, parsley, and 1 bottle of wine into a dutch oven


Add spices (cumin, allspice, salt, and pepper), and 10 cups of water along with a whole cabbage. Let it simmer for about 5 hours.


Oh baby, we are ready to go!


Place a fresh slice of French Bread in a bowl


Ladel the Sopas over the top and enjoy!


This came out great, I even got a thumbs up that it was pretty close to Grandmas. The smoky flavor definitely came through along with the spices in the rub. All in all I was very pleased with the outcome, this was a perfect day after Christmas meal with plenty of leftovers. Just love tweaking the family recipes on the smoker!
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We have three oustanding entries, but we still need at least three more entries to raise the stakes. C'mon, don't be shy; enter your weekend cooks!

I'll hold off a while longer to give you guys a chance to get them posted.


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BP, what's oms? I would be happy to add my Christmas day turkey (was posted in gallery) it would certainly meet the "simple" criteria...Repost, post a link, or?



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BP, what's oms? I would be happy to add my Christmas day turkey (was posted in gallery) it would certainly meet the "simple" criteria...Repost, post a link, or?



You should be able to go into the post in the gallery. Hit edit. Highlight it, copy and then paste into this thread also

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BP, what's oms?

Take a look at the key next to the letter "O"... I think BP mistyped PM's (Private Messages). Sometimes you have to interpret keystrokes. He's a very busy man and has to type quickly and move on :)!

Edit: Rip, PLease feel free to do as deb suggested and copy and paste your post as an entry, then we need just two more to get the prize up!
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Reposted from the Gallery...i hope this works....

Hi All,

Thursday night I finally got a chance to assemble my new LilTex but did not get time Friday to season it. Probably just as well, my brain was on gridlock re. what to do for my first smoke. I was clearly suffering from PelletSmoking.com information overload (what a wealth!)...Then I found BP's "Stupid Turkey" recipe. Even though the Christmas day menu was set (spiral cut ham), I knew we had a turkey in the freezer.

Right after the morning present opening, I broomed the new snow off the deck and moved LilTex from the "Harley Garage" to its new home and started the seasoning process. I know the grill was empty, but with ambient temps in the mid twentys, I was suprised to see it settle in around 450 degrees.

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Next I prepped the bird. With a little research I went from someone who just heard of spatchcocking to someone who was ready to perform one....does anyone ever forget their first Spatchcock? Next up was to brush on some garlic olive oil and sprinkle on homemade seasonings.

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After a cool off and application of heavy duty foil, the grill was reheated to 250 and the bird cooked to IT 165. See pic below, sorry about the knife cuts...as a first timer, I used trust, but verify to ensure it was really done. Note: I employed the Mimosa variant of the Sparky timer to determine the appropriate carving time.

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The result was the moistest Turkey we've had! I'm looking forward to improving my technique (after digesting more info from this forum, pun intended).

Many thanks to all who contribute to this group!



Well, its 10:30 pm here and it looks like all the entries are in, so its decision time.

I am impressed on a few different levels this week.

JIm, to take such an inexpensive fish and turn it into an absolutely beautiful looking grilled fish. Wow! Not to mention the fact that I love Zuchini :) I wish I could get my fork to go through the monitor and cut me off a taste!

Then there was Deb and her once again incredible pie skills. How many ways can one person make so many different pies? I'm gonna stick around to find out!

Then an incredible soup spooned over a chunk of bread... Carter, I think you could write a soup cookbook, and take the photos for it as well. As cold as it was today, I just wanted to lay in that bowl of soup and soak up all its goodness!

This week we have someone brand new to the forum and, if I understand correctly, new to pellet smoking and/or smoking period! He came bursting onto the scene with an incredible spatchcocked turkey smoked to perfection right out of the gate.

Now to award the placements:

This is even tougher than the last time, but one entry kept me coming back because it looked incredible even before it was cooked.

Deb, the rustic look of your pie combined with a classic blending of bold flavors was enough. BUT what clinched it was the great way that you described the flavors and textures that just sent me over the edge. Congrats you win first place this week!

Now second and third place is even tougher. All three dishes each hold its own merit. Part of the spirit of BBQ is taking a cheap cut of meat and making it simply incredible, so on that merit I have to give kudos to Jim for simply done second place.

How do I pick third place? I love chuck roast smoked. But to make an incredible soup out of it is just amazing. Week after week you amaze me with your food Carter! Enjoy the apron!

Now I have to say not only is Jrip new to smoking but never having spatchocked a chicken, let alone a turkey... Wow!!! If that's your first cook, then seeing where you go from here will be a lot of fun to watch! Welcome to the forum my friend!
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Congrats Deb, every time I looked at that post I imagined what that creation tasted like, the term "leftover" does that cook no justice at all! And Jim thanks for reminding everyone that fish and veggies are amazing on the pellet smoker, the creatures of the sea definitely get forgotten. Jrip you definitely got it going in the right direction, I'm thinking next week you should have no problems coming up with another entry. Again folks, don't be shy if your cooking might as well take some pictures and share, you might be surprised! Again congrats to all!


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Thanks Tent. Judging is never easy... everyones entries were awesome and Jrip - beautiful 1st cook...... I hope you keep entering

Next week - need lots of entries to judge and like CarterQ said "don't be shy if your cooking might as well take some pictures and share, you might be surprised!"


Thanks Tent. Judging is never easy... everyones entries were awesome

You are 100% correct. Its especially hard when all the entries are so different and you can't find anything wrong with any of them. I don't envy you next week :)!

Rip, listen to Deb & Carter and keep entering!

BP thanks once again for hosting this site and weekly contest!
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