Initial results with my new smoker


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Got my new smoker Wed. night and decided to do some ribs Fri. to try it out. For a first run I think they came out pretty good. Everybody loved them.


Here's the smoke ring.


Decided to do a Brisket and a few sausages for dinner Sunday. I still have a lot to learn but I'm loving this thing.


I can't wait to try my hand at making some bacon. Just got to find a place to get some pork belly.


Welcome, Mitch! Congrats on the new smoker!. I saw pork belly at Costco. I bought some at our local butcher a couple of weeks ago, but I'm going to try Costco next time.


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Thanks for the heads up on Costco. Unfortunately I'm not a member and BJ's where I am a member was a bust. I am looking for a butcher where I might find some but there aren't many options around here. I'll keep looking though. I'm sure I can find some somewhere.


You are sure putting that new pellet grill to good use. That's some good looking grub!

When you are ready to make Bacon, Here are a couple threads you can check out:

For more detailed info about brining Hams & Bacon, check this one out:

The steps for brining bacon are the same as ham.


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Thanks Tent and Scooter. I am real happy with my results so far. I have been reading the Cider Mill Bacon thread and other stuff in Searching for the Cure and will be trying that out for sure.
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